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Where’s the time?

“Show, don’t tell.” “Set a writing schedule when you can write uninterrupted.” These and many more are the tips that roll off the lips of writing instructors. Good advice too. But where do I find the time?

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‘Publish or Perish’

Just as I switched off my laptop the other night, the phrase ‘Publish or perish’ came to mind and gave me pause for thought. My mother is a PhD and I remember her and her learned colleagues tossing this phrase around as they referred to the pressure to publish their work in order to further their academic career. 

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People need to understand the very important role that punctuation marks play in any piece of text. They are like traffic lights guiding you through the treacherous roads of words, phrases and sentences.

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Rose woke up to the sound of the shrill alarm. She groaned, asking herself for the umpteenth time why she didn’t simply replace the blasted alarm clock with one that wasn’t made to startle the dead. She reached over and turned it off without even opening her eyes. She didn’t need to; she knew exactly what time it was.

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