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Writing again



I’ve been ill with morning sickness. I have been totally incapacitated and barely able to sit up much less do any writing.


I despaired that I would never write again as I had no clue how long the sickness would go on for. Also the very fact that the end of result of the pregnancy is a baby means finding the time to write will prove something of a major challenge.


Thankfully, even though not 100%, I feel much better now and more prepared to take up the challenge of writing again.


Does this mean the writing will come easier to me? I wish! Read more…


Has anyone seen my muse?


I haven’t managed to do any writing in months. I’m now in a better position to do so but seem to have lost my muse. That elusive, hard-to-grasp concept also known as ‘inspiration’ seems to have escaped me.


Waiting to get my muse back is a cop-out really as I realise writing is about the hard graft not just the flighty ‘inspiration’.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downplaying the role of inspiration in writing but I am saying it is a combination of this and hard work. I believe that to produce great writing, one cannot depend on inspiration alone.


There are times when there is no inspiration yet one must carry on plying one’s art in the hope that somewhere along the way, the great inspiration will make its appearance. Read more…

Musings on trouble

I wonder where I came off getting the idea that, as a Christian, I’m somehow exempt from tragedy and suffering. Deep down in my subconscious, I believed those things only happen to other people, not me or mine.


I always seemed to express deep shock when something went wrong in my life or in the life of a dear one as though it were a great cosmic mistake. I tended to think that there’d been some sort of heavenly mix-up and the trouble had been wrongly delivered to my address. Read more…

How well do I write?

I see pictures in my mind. I can see events unfolding quite clearly, like a movie. All of my senses are engaged in the goings-on in my mind.


But I can’t articulate them in words. I am unable to transfer the images I see in my mind onto paper. I have extreme difficulty in giving others the opportunity to experience that which I have.


It’s like there’s a breakdown in communication between my brain and my fingers. Read more…

Role models

I’m signing up to a writing workshop taking place on the 29th of September in Church. It is being run by a lady called Abidemi Sanusi. She’s written and published three books. I haven’t read any of them but remember being quite interested in the title of the first one,  ‘Kemi’s journal’.

She also runs a website called I spent most of the evening read through its contents and I’m very encouraged.  Read more…

I’m back

I’m back, after a looooooooooooong hiatus. I have a genuine excuse, or at least I like to think so. I was expecting a baby and looking after a very active toddler. The baby’s been born now and I guess I can’t keep on using pregnancy as an excuse.


Truth be told, there is never a convenient time to write. There’s always something else to do but if I am to make any headway, I must get back into it straightaway.


I can’t say I have any brilliant ideas to commit to paper but it feels good to do something I love so much. Read more…

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