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Has anyone seen my muse?


I haven’t managed to do any writing in months. I’m now in a better position to do so but seem to have lost my muse. That elusive, hard-to-grasp concept also known as ‘inspiration’ seems to have escaped me.


Waiting to get my muse back is a cop-out really as I realise writing is about the hard graft not just the flighty ‘inspiration’.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not downplaying the role of inspiration in writing but I am saying it is a combination of this and hard work. I believe that to produce great writing, one cannot depend on inspiration alone.


There are times when there is no inspiration yet one must carry on plying one’s art in the hope that somewhere along the way, the great inspiration will make its appearance.


I have great respect for people who carry on with the hard slog even when all joy and fun are nowhere to be found.


I bet it was no fun for the great inventors when they failed several times before coming up with life-changing inventions.


Perseverance is its own reward. Persisting at something is not always easy particularly when you seem to be just going through the motions but it pays off in the end.


No more excuses, I’m brushing up my writing material and getting back on the horse I fell off months ago.



May the muse return as I plod along! Amen


Written on the 29th of November 2007


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2 thoughts on “Has anyone seen my muse?

  1. Clara Rufai on said:

    Now this I can very well relate with!

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