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I’m back

I’m back, after a looooooooooooong hiatus. I have a genuine excuse, or at least I like to think so. I was expecting a baby and looking after a very active toddler. The baby’s been born now and I guess I can’t keep on using pregnancy as an excuse.


Truth be told, there is never a convenient time to write. There’s always something else to do but if I am to make any headway, I must get back into it straightaway.


I can’t say I have any brilliant ideas to commit to paper but it feels good to do something I love so much.


I’ll just keep writing my thoughts daily and pray that as I get the writing juices flowing once again, my muse will return.


I intend to start up my blog again and take it from there. I’ll try not to get hung up about writing a certain number of words so that I don’t get discouraged if I don’t reach my target. I will gradually ease myself back in then it should get easier as I go along.


I still have my writing course to complete so I’ll dust off the manuals and start to do the assignments again.


By God’s grace, my daily building blocks of little writing here and there will eventually amount to a grand edifice.


I’m a bit apprehensive that I may not achieve much with my writing but that’s because I’m jumping the gun by thinking about publishing and selling bestsellers. There’s nothing wrong with that but I need to take baby steps before I start to sprint.


I can’t promise to write everyday but I would like to, at least, try. If I don’t succeed, may it not be for want of trying.


A demain (that’s French for ’till tomorrow’).



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