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Musings on trouble

I wonder where I came off getting the idea that, as a Christian, I’m somehow exempt from tragedy and suffering. Deep down in my subconscious, I believed those things only happen to other people, not me or mine.


I always seemed to express deep shock when something went wrong in my life or in the life of a dear one as though it were a great cosmic mistake. I tended to think that there’d been some sort of heavenly mix-up and the trouble had been wrongly delivered to my address.


It could well be from years of listening to well-meaning but misguided sermons inferring that once in the centre of God’s will no harm can come to you.


I guess those sermons failed to define harm the way the Bible does.


What a fallacy! Tragedy is no respecter of persons. Suffering comes to one and all. In fact they serve to make us better people.


Jesus makes it clear that those who trust in Him will suffer troubles and tribulation on this earth (John 16:33). The psalmist infers that we are afflicted in order to learn God’s ways (Psalm 119:71). So where did I pick up my erroneous belief?



Over the years I’ve come to better understand that no matter what comes my way, God, who is ultimately in control, has allowed it to happen for a reason. I may not always or even ever know the reason but I can rest in the knowledge of His promise – “all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose.” That comforts me and takes a weight off my weary shoulders.


Written on the 29th of November 2007


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