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I’m signing up to a writing workshop taking place on the 29th of September in Church. It is being run by a lady called Abidemi Sanusi. She’s written and published three books. I haven’t read any of them but remember being quite interested in the title of the first one,  ‘Kemi’s journal’.

She also runs a website called I spent most of the evening read through its contents and I’m very encouraged. 


I now have three examples of Nigerian women who have successfully published books in the Western world, Helen Oyeyemi, Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie and Abidemi Sanusi. All different genres but published writers nonetheless. Of the three, only Abidemi is a Christian writer. 


It is really encouraging to see that publishers are waking up to the fact that Christian fiction is a large part of the market. I don’t have to feel pigeon-holed or worry that if I write with Christian themes, no publisher will take me on. 


Last week I went through some uncertainties and insecurities about my writing, or the lack thereof. I feel much better this week. I have Mo Cushla’s support and that counts for a lot. 


I may not necessarily be working directly on my book but I’m working towards it. I am acquiring skills which will make my books much better reads. I’m learning about dialogue, characterisation, plots, twists etc. The better I grasp these concepts, the better my writing will get. 


I’m turning a corner and by God’s grace I will overcome every obstacle and write well.  


I refuse to worry about things which are out of my control like publishers taking me on. I will concentrate my efforts on writing and producing good books and let the Lord deal with the other aspects. 


That’s what makes my walk with God a great partnership. I do my bit and He does the rest. 


I’m going to encourage everyone I know who’s interested in writing to attend this seminar. I feel that this will prove a turning point in our quest to become better writers. Abidemi has three books published so must know a little bit about the trade, besides one can’t go wrong with £20. 


I plan to start on my assignment this week and hopefully complete and hand it in next week. I also aim to write a few stories paying particular attention to dialogue and characters. 


My ultimate aim is to build up a portfolio of short stories that I can put together in a book. I enjoy reading them but it gives me even greater satisfaction writing them myself.


I’ve got a new lease of life, a renewed sense of purpose. I know that there is an end in sight and I will keep pushing till I come to it. 


Great oaks from little acorns grow. I will be diligent about planting and watering my little acorn while trusting the Lord of harvest to cause it to grow and flourish. 


Father please give me the wisdom and inspiration as I write so I can create curious works for your glory. Amen



PS This was written way back on the 3rd of September 2007. I have since read and enjoyed two of Abidemi’s books, ‘Kemi’s journal’ and ‘Zack’s story’. Looking forward to getting ‘God has daughters too’ and her not yet published ‘Eyo’









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