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Open letter to Mr Peter Tatchell

Don’t call me homophobic!

Open letter to Peter Tatchell


Dear Mr Tatchell,


You accuse me of being homophobic because I do not approve of your gay lifestyle. You call me prejudiced because I believe homosexuality is wrong. You claim that homosexuals are a marginalised group, compared to ethnic minorities, who are constantly criticised. You go as far as predicting that I would act out my views by being abusive and even violent to gay people.


If I took a leaf out of your book and called you a paedophile simply because you think the age of homosexuality consent should be lowered to 14, how would that make you feel? If I accused you of being lewd because you feel the laws against pornography be relaxed, would I be justified?


I believe, as does the British legal system, that I should be free to express my opinion of my likes and dislikes without fear of being branded homophobic, narrow-minded or any other name you may choose to call me. I have as much right as you do to articulate my preference for one type of lifestyle over another.


I may not agree with or approve of the way you choose to live your life but that doesn’t mean I wish to harm you. I will, however, not be bullied into bowing to the pressure of political correctness and accept homosexuality as a rightful way of life. As a Christian and a strong believer in the Bible as the word of God, I view homosexuality as a sin in just the same way I do heterosexuality expressed outside of a marriage relationship.


This does not presuppose that I condone violence in any shape or form or that I would consider it to be an appropriate way of resolving issues. I would therefore never resort to it to make my views known.


My quarrel is not with you as an individual but with your way of life. All I ask is that you accord me the same courtesy that you demand of being able to express my views as boldly as you do. I would appreciate the liberty to speak out against anything that goes against my values without you calling me names. Let me exercise my right to freedom of speech, thought and expression.


In so doing, I will try my utmost not to offend you but don’t mistake my unwillingness to offend for a willingness to condone.




Kind regards,


The Wordsmythe

Peter Gary Tatchell (born 25 January 1952) is an Australian born British human rights activist, who is perhaps best known internationally for his attempts to perform a citien’s arrest of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe in 1999 and 2001, on charges of torture and other human rights abuses. (Wikipedia)


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4 thoughts on “Open letter to Mr Peter Tatchell

  1. Dj Yemi on said:

    well said, and well put too.

  2. I LOVE THIS!!!! The situation is so double “standarded”! They want to be heard but anyone of a different opinion has to be branded!

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