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I love popcorn

I love popcorn. I’m one of those people who believe it’s a travesty to watch a movie at the cinema without popcorn. There’s nothing like crunching along to the soundtrack of the movie.


However I must qualify that it’s not just any popcorn that I love but sweet popcorn. I cannot stand salty popcorn. It just isn’t the same and doesn’t leave me with that warm fuzzy feeling I get from sweet popcorn.


The first time I went to Canada, I got invited to see a movie by a friend and I was so excited at the prospect of getting a North American-sized large popcorn (you know how large their large can be). When we got to the stalls, I chose a large bucket of buttered popcorn. I didn’t even know buttered popcorn existed and was really looking forward to a different way of enjoying my sweet popcorn.


As we sat down to the trailers, I tucked in with relish only to experience the most awful let down ever. It was salty popcorn! It was foul! Apparently they don’t sell sweet popcorn in North American cinemas! How was I to know that?


Anyway, these days I don’t get a chance to go to the cinema that often but I get to see a lot of movies on the Internet, TV and DVD at home. I have since discovered supermarket cinema-style popcorn. I’ve sampled a few and have to say that I find the ALDI brand to be even better than the ones you get in the cinema and it’s just 89p for a large pack!


I’ve got two movies to watch on DVD but sadly have no popcorn at home. Sigh! I’m trying to think of a worthy substitute but nothing comes to mind readily.


Oh well! I’ll just have to watch them and hopefully somehow manage to enjoy the viewing without my favourite snack.


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