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“I don’t want to miss a thing”

Mo Cushla hates going to bed, especially at weekends and heaven forbid he should have a nap in the day even when he’s exhausted. I, on the other hand, love my sleep and enjoy going to bed at night. A daytime nap whenever I get a chance is a bonus especially with having to wake up several times a night to attend to the children. As a result, I find it particularly difficult to understand why anyone wouldn’t want to do the same.


Several times I’ve caught him snoozing on the couch but when I ask him to go and lie down, he tells me he’s not sleeping! Read more…


“When did life get so hard?”

I was talking with a friend a while ago and she kept asking the question “when did life get so hard?” over and over again. It made me smile but I have to agree with her sentiment.

It doesn’t seem that long ago when we were just carefree children with no responsibilities. We didn’t have to worry about food, shelter or anything for that matter. Everything was provided for us without our even needing to ask. Read more…

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