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The world’s best husband

As any parent of young children, especially babies, knows, a night of uninterrupted sleep is a bonus rather than a guarantee. You grab whatever snatches of sleep you can get in between waking up for feeds, nappy changes, reassurring cuddles and anything else that may come up.

This has been our lot since having EDU six months ago. Unfortunately for us, he is not one of those babies who sleeps for any considerable length of time. If he goes for 3 hours at a stretch, it’s a good day. Read more…


Paradigm shift

I’m reading a book called ‘The Shack’, written by William Paul Young. It came highly recommended by my pastor and Mo Cushla and I picked up a copy a few weeks ago. And am I glad we did!

Anyone who knows me well knows I read very fast and by very fast I mean getting through hundreds of pages in a matter of hours. However this is one book I don’t want to finish in a hurry.

I’m experiencing a paradigm shift of monumental proportions as I read. There are so many mind-blowing concepts in the book, I keep having to set it down to adequately absorb each and every one. Read more…

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