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The world’s best husband

As any parent of young children, especially babies, knows, a night of uninterrupted sleep is a bonus rather than a guarantee. You grab whatever snatches of sleep you can get in between waking up for feeds, nappy changes, reassurring cuddles and anything else that may come up.

This has been our lot since having EDU six months ago. Unfortunately for us, he is not one of those babies who sleeps for any considerable length of time. If he goes for 3 hours at a stretch, it’s a good day.

Anyway Mo Cushla had to go away on a work trip for ten days and the boys chose this opportune time to fall ill. It was tough and the nights particularly bloody as they were coughing so much they were throwing up.

It got to the point where my nerves were so frayed, I was getting really short with WEO whose penchant for not wanting to go to bed I’ve written about in another post titled ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’.

Each time I spoke to Mo Cushla, I kept droning on and on about how tired and desperately in need of sleep I was. After listening to my ‘I’m tired’ mantra over and over again, he asked me to book myself into a hotel the night he was due back. He said he would take care of the boys while I took the chance to get a whole night of uninterrupted sleep. The admirable thing about this is EDU is still exclusively breastfed and has only recently started eating purees. He absolutely refuses to take the bottle and would rather starve.

I went ahead and made a reservation at a 2-star hotel not very far away from home as I thought it would be handy to be nearby just in case he needed me to get home in a hurry. Obviously I hadn’t quite grasped the concept of a ‘getaway night’. I was also trying to be a thrifty wife and not blow our monthly housekeeping budget on one night’s hotel stay.

When he got back, he asked which hotel I’d booked. I told him and he wasn’t best pleased. He said I couldn’t guarantee the service I would receive there and insisted I cancel the reservation and go to the Hilton instead.

I gladly obliged and must admit, he was right.

I helped give the boys a bath, put the baby to bed and left for the hotel with strict instructions from Mo Cushla not to call. I checked in, had a long hot soak, channel-surfed for a bit, then went to sleep. I did wake up a few times but had a really restful night. I woke up this morning, had a shower, went down to the restaurant and had my fill of the most mouth-watering full English breakfast.

I came back home this morning to hear that Mo Cushla had been up half the night with a very distressed EDU who adamantly refused to drink the expressed milk I’d left for him out of the bottle or even a beaker. He managed to have some pureed food at some point. He was fast asleep when I got in and had been for about two hours.

I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful, thoughtful, generous and caring husband.

PS ‘Mo Cushla’ is supposedly Gaelic for ‘my darling, my blood’ according to Clint Eastwood’s character in the movie, ‘Million Dollar Baby.’


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5 thoughts on “The world’s best husband

  1. That was really sweet of your husband to give you the night off! It’s nice to get a break once in a while.

  2. thewordsmythe on said:

    Thanks FG,
    It was a lovely gesture on his part. Like I said I’m truly blessed.

  3. Aw, how sweet.

  4. your hubby is indeed adorable

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