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Why I believe

Apparently on the 1st of December, several Christian bloggers responded to a call to write about why they believe in God. I read a few of their entries and determined to do the same, however I didn’t manage to get round to it sooner.

It’s 2 weeks later but better late than never so here I am taking up the challenge and endeavouring to articulate why I believe.

What does it mean ‘to believe’?

  • To accept as true
  • To judge or regard
  • To be confident about something or someone
  • To follow a system of principles or beliefs
  • To credit with veracity

I believe because when nothing else seemed to make sense, He did. God isn’t just a figment of my imagination. He is as real to me as the person sitting next to me. I don’t see Him but I know He is there. It sounds corny to say I can feel Him but I can.

I believe because He doesn’t just lay down a set of rules for me to follow or be damned but He actually sent Jesus to be my example. His time on earth is a template for me to emulate.

When I look at clouds suspended in the sky, the waves crashing at but not flooding the banks, animals taking care of their young in the wild, the sun rising in the East, setting in the West and the moon at night, I can’t help but believe that it must be God who set all this in place.

God loves me unconditionally inspite of myself. He didn’t wait for me to respond to demonstrate that love. He sent Jesus to die in my place long before I acknowledged His existence.  Even when I stray, He receives me with open arms when I return, tail between my legs and doesn’t say “I told you so”.

 He knows the future, yet He doesn’t manipulate my actions or responses to get His desired end. He is patient yet firm. He allows me exercise my free will and make choices. He even works out beautiful things from my mistakes.

He doesn’t always answer my prayers in the way I would like him to but it always works out for my benefit in the long run.

I may be hard pressed to articulate all my reasons as I am limited by language but I know, beyond a shadow of doubt, I believe in God.


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One thought on “Why I believe

  1. Clara Rufai on said:

    Expressed quite simply yet beautifully, I do feel you on this one!

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