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This has to stop!

Broken record doesn’t even come close to describing the way I sound every time I apologise for not updating this blog so I’m not going to.

No more apologies. No more excuses. And in the words of Mary J. Blige “no more drama”.

If this were someone else, I’d probably be saying to them “Just get on with it.” So here goes;

Time has lapsed

Whilst I’ve sat with hands clasped

Time, I have lost

And much it has cost.

Excuses, denial and burying my head in the sand

Have cost me dearly, this I know firsthand.

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest

Alas these and many more vices are now my bequest!

There’ll never be a good time

But now I’m in my prime

I promise to do my very best

To fulfill my quest.

I wrote this silly ditty,

Which may not have been that witty,

To get the writing juices flowing again

And to that I say “Amen”


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8 thoughts on “This has to stop!

  1. The Writer on said:


    You’re writing again!!!

    Good to see; keep it up…

    …and, I like the ditty!

  2. thewordsmythe on said:

    Thanks dear,

    Yes oh! I’m back. Long may it last.

    I see you have too. Well done.

  3. justjoxy on said:

    Nice ditty friend mine.

  4. thewordsmythe on said:

    Thanks very much, dear, for more than just your comment.

  5. Clara Rufai on said:

    I like the ditty
    And I like the determination behind the ditty
    And as you say, “long may it last!”

  6. Globetrotter on said:

    Silly ditty or not, i do love simple, rhyming poems! This post was just over a year ago, and look how far you’ve come! Well done! Amen!

  7. Globetrotter, it’s been a journey of discovery. I guess the words of the ditty ring true even now. Thanks

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