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A weighty matter

Before I had kids, I never really noticed how big or small people were. They were just people regardless of their size. Weight had never really been an issue for me as I grew up skinny. I could eat as much as I wanted and never put on weight.  As a result, my father affectionately nicknamed me ‘Eat-and-grow-thin’, however, that all changed with having kids.

I gained more weight in pregnancy than I could ever have imagined (five stone/ 70lbs/ 32kg. And yes I know the figures in metric and imperial measurements!). This was in spite of maintaining my 4 times a week workout at the gym.

The books told me that on average, pregnant women put on between 25lbs and 35lbs. I was obviously the grand exception to that rule. The midwives constantly reassured me that I was healthy and didn’t need to worry about it as it would all drop off after child birth and with breastfeeding.

Alas! That was not the case either. I’ve had to work extremely hard for every pound of fat I’ve lost.

These days I find myself sizing up other women and putting them in the different categories I’ve created in my head;

  • Slim – no kids
  • Slim – kids
  • Big –no kids
  • Big – kids

If they are slim, I console myself and think, well, it’s because they haven’t had kids yet. If I then find out, they have had kids and are still slim, I say, it’s one of two things – a)either they are still young so their skin is still quite elastic and can bounce back to shape almost effortlessly;  b). Or they are genetically not predisposed to putting on weight.

If they’re big and have kids, I feel like I’m in good company and sigh, thank God it’s not just me! If they are big and haven’t had kids, I wonder if, like me, they’ll have trouble shedding the weight if they do go on to have kids.

I recently read a blog post and the writer, having had four kids, was trying to gain weight as she felt she was too skinny! What wouldn’t I give to be in her shoes?

I’m not there yet but I’m still working hard as I’m determined to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight someday in the not too distant future. I’m reassured by the health professionals who say it’s better to lose the weight steadily rather than suddenly as it’s more sustainable that way.

As was the case of the tortoise in the fable, my hope is that slow and steady will win this race too.


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8 thoughts on “A weighty matter

  1. justjoxy on said:

    I feel you. You’ll get there, perseverance is the key. Kids eh?

  2. Damn. I’m big and i don’t have kids yet…Not even married lol Oh well…

  3. am with aeedeeaee,
    i am also big and am not even married
    scares me about how big i could become… hmmmmm

  4. thewordsmythe on said:

    BBB, like I said to Aeedeeaee, you may well be the exception to the rule so don’t worry about it till you get there.

  5. thewordsmythe on said:

    And thanks for stopping by, BBB

  6. I fit in your category! I was slim, had kids, got big, lost some, got big, lost a whole lot and was slimmer than before I had kids… got big AGAIN! *Sigh*

    All I can say is, Kids make me tired! LOL!

  7. thewordsmythe on said:

    I feel you, Vivianne, but we love them and wouldn’t be without them.

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