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Work in Progress (2)

This was another exercise to “test your powers of imagination, observation and characterisation in a more general way”.

The brief was to;

Take as the setting the dining-room of a hotel. A few tables are already occupied by diners who are subdued and quiet, influenced by the formal surroundings.  Another guest entering the room is a welcome focus of interest and will be aware that he or she is under covert scrutiny. Now describe (in about 150 words for each) how a variety of people would behave on entering the dining room. In your description try to convey, without actually saying so, the type of person they are from their behaviour and attitude. Take as your subjects the following types of person.

(1)       A brash, over-confident type of person.

(2)       A person who is apprehensive – nervous and jittery. Perhaps he or she fears that the person to be met will fail to turn up or is uncertain of the outcome of the encounter.

(3)       Describe a couple so bound up in each other that they are oblivious of their surroundings or the impression they make on other diners or staff.

I would love to hear your feedback. Enjoy!

A brash, over-confident type of person

Mike sashayed straight into the dining room, ignoring the ‘please wait here to be seated’ sign and raised his hand to catch the attention of the maitre’d. He had a large, obtrusive Bluetooth ear piece sticking out of his right ear.  No sooner had he walked in than an ear-splitting and irritating polyphonic ring tone went off like a wailing bird, ripping into the serenity of the dining room and startling the other diners.

Mike reached into his pocket and pulled out the phone to check the caller id. To the relief of the other guests, the exasperating ringing phone was silenced after a few more seconds.

However the relief was short-lived as a loud ‘hello’ rapidly followed by several expletives rent the air bringing the maitre’d running to Mike’s side as he frantically tried to shush him and usher him towards the door so as not to disturb the other diners.

A person who is apprehensive

Susan shuffled behind the waiter as he led her to her table. She hurried to sit as he pulled out the chair for her, not wanting to draw attention to herself.

She’d tried her best to look good so Paul would find her attractive. She knew wasn’t a natural beauty but hoped the pastel colours of the wrap dress she now sported, the baby pink wedge sandals, her new haircut and makeover-style makeup had done the trick.

She kept smoothing down her dress and patting her hair into place, striking what she hoped was a casual pose trying to appear relaxed.

She ordered some sparkling water when the waiter came to take her order whilst mumbling that her date would be here soon.  She gripped her glass with both hands to steady the shaking and kept glancing towards the door surreptitiously to see if Paul had arrived whilst praying he wouldn’t stand her up.

A couple so bound up in each other

“A table for two, please” requested the tall, olive-skinned man while gazing into his beautiful companion’s face. The young couple nuzzled each other as they held hands and smiled at each other. He kissed the lady on the cheek and whispered something in her ear to which she threw her head back and giggled like a school girl.

It was only the waiter’s subtle throat clearing that made them realize he’d been waiting to show them to their table.  The waiter went to pull out the chair for the lady but the man elbowed him aside whispering “Please, allow me”.

He sat down, picked out a rose from the vase on the table and tucked it behind her ear.  She stretched over and placed her hand on his, caressing it, as she mouthed her thanks.

Some of the other diners gaped at them, while a disgruntled older couple muttered about the indecency of the younger generation.


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