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A meeting of minds

There’s been a noticeable dearth of activity on this blog. Forgive the unannounced hiatus for it wasn’t planned. These things never really are. Some days, my mind flows with ideas and an almost compulsive push to transfer them to print. Other days, my mind is drier than the hot, dusty Sahara, making writing a painful and impossible chore.

My post today is not about my lack of writing but about meeting up with fellow bloggers, one of whom I met for the first time.

It was JustJoxy’s youngest daughter’s ( E-Baby) 1st birthday and we were invited to a barbecue at her house. Having not eaten all day and spending two hours getting there (due to traffic on M25), I was ravenous by the time we arrived and the food certainly did not disappoint. There was RSVP – Rice and Stew Very Plenty! And loads of overnight marinated, succulent, juicy and well-barbecued chicken, corn on the cob and roast plantain to boot. I was a very happy, well-fed bunny and lucky enough to get a doggy bag!

Anyway I got to meet the author of a blog ( I have enjoyed reading and it was really nice to put a face to the name. She is a lovely, warm and seemingly unflappable lady. I say ‘unflappable’ because she has four sons ranging in age from ten and a half to two! And she still manages to run a business ( and keep a very interesting and well-written blog! Hats off to her and more grease to her elbows.

PS Notice the not so subtle product placement for Punkin Patch! 😉 😉 Please check it out.

E-Baby's birthday cake

This is a photo of E-Baby’s gooey, chocolatey birthday cake.

Tara for now.


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4 thoughts on “A meeting of minds

  1. It was great seeing you as always, seeing you has inspired me to step up my non existent fitness regime. And you called this dry???

  2. Hey,

    The ‘dry’ bit was supposed to be offline but now you’ve outed me, what can I say? I thought it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi but I’m glad it meets with your approval.

    Thanks for the compliments on how I look, it boosted my morale no end.

    Lovely seeing you too. I would say we should do it more often but saying that always seems to jinx it.

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  4. Ahhhhh! It’s been a great year- I met you and savoured justjoxy’s mouth-watering cooking all in one day!! Thank you for the complements. At the risk of begining a comments tennis match I’ll say you too are a wonderful lady and I’m truly blessed to know you and Justjoxy!!

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