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Out of the mouths of babes

If you ever want to know what you sound like, forget about recording yourself speak just listen to your children. It’s uncanny how their little brains process and store information but even scarier still is the way they quote you when you least expect it.

My boys are four and two years old and they crack me up. Sometimes I have to turn my face away from them to rearrange my features from a smile and school them into an appropriate telling-off face so they don’t think I’m joking.

EDU, the two-year old, sometimes tells me in an exasperated tone “Mum, you’re giving me a headache”! WEO, his older brother, is quite often heard sighing, “Lord, give me strength.”

Hearing them regurgitate mine and their father’s words every now and again reinforces a home truth to me. Children hardly ever do as you as say but will almost certainly say as you say and do as you do. It makes me realise how strong an influence I wield over them and how responsible I am for how they’ll turn out.

I appreciate that there are innumerable variables that will affect their behaviour however my role as primary care giver accounts for a large percentage of those variables. Since I can’t vouch for any of the variables out there or count on them to deliver the example I would like my boys to follow, the onus lies on me to be the best template of decorum and good behaviour.

I would like my boys to grow into courteous, respectful and respectable young men but if I don’t exhibit any of these traits, pigs might indeed fly. It’s not enough for me to want it, I must model the lifestyle I wish them to lead in my daily dealings with them, their father and everyone around me.

It is an onerous responsibility and definitely no walk in the park so here’s a little ditty I wrote to ask for some divine intervention.

For the grace to raise my child
To be gentle, meek and mild!
For the wisdom to guide him aright
To be bold and strong yet polite
For long-suffering and patience
In the face of an offence
For the capacity to endure
And at the same time reassure
For a sense of humour, the ability to laugh
Yet for misbehaviour, unafraid to wield the staff
For grace to be an example
Upon which he’ll never trample
For eyes that see what’s not shown
A mind to unravel what’s not known
For ears that hear the unspoken
And to deliver promises unbroken
To be fair, just and upright
Never fearing to be forthright
To be firm, consistent not uptight
Unashamed to admit my wrongs outright
Oh Lord please hear my prayer
For I am unaware
Of any other way to be all the above
Without your mercy and love.

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8 thoughts on “Out of the mouths of babes

  1. You summed it up so aptly in that prayer, amen & amen.

  2. Clara Rufai on said:

    A huge responsibility it is indeed! Well written Wordsmythe

  3. Thanks very much, Clara. I hope you guys are well.

  4. Njide Egbuna on said:

    beautifully scripted. Lots to chew on. thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for stopping to read, Njide.

  6. Of course I came and read this and it truly is beautiful. My belief is, most all of the world’s problems can be solved by nurturing children appropriately and that does not necessarily mean one method, just the validation for each child as needed. Thanks for the link!

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