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Nigeria at 50: The dusk of despair or the dawn of hope

Nigeria marks her 50th anniversary of independence from British rule today, the 1st of October 2010. I’m not going to go into the long and detailed history of Nigeria under British rule, you can check out Wikipedia for that. I am however going to talk about the different feelings a 50-year old Nigeria evoke in me and several other Nigerians.

Much has been written by many articulate, eloquent and prolific writers about the state of play in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, even more will be written today in commemoration of her 50th anniversary. Sometimes these works of writing portray the country in a good light, but more often than not, in a very bad light.

In this blog post, I just want to express in my own words how I feel.

Nigeria; what a conundrum!

A nation brimming with potential

Has now become a sanctum

For all things nonessential.

Nigeria; what a riddle!

The poor are wretched yet the rich get richer,

With no class in the middle

Corruption is the clincher.

Nigeria; what an enigma!

One so endowed with natural resources

Yet boldly bearing the stigma

Of her government pilfering all she grosses.

Nigeria; what a puzzle!

Laying claims to democracy

Whilst constantly seeking to muzzle

Any who decry her hypocrisy.

Nigeria; what a mystery!

Replete with inspiring landscape,

A vast population and a rich history

And yet so many trying to escape.

Nigeria, the Giant of Africa

Will you from the ashes arise?

Shall we once again see a flicker,

As your greatness, you reprise?


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3 thoughts on “Nigeria at 50: The dusk of despair or the dawn of hope

  1. itoro isong on said:

    Dear Nkem, this was nicely written and thought provoking. Keep it up. i really like the site layout, mellow and very tasteful.

  2. Thanks, Itoro. Glad you enjoyed what you read and like the layout.

  3. Very well put together….and conveys the message!
    Well done.

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