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Fabulous @ 40!

When I was much younger,  30 seemed so old and  40 was simply ancient! I turned 40 on the 4th of November and I don’t feel much different from when I was 25!  40 doesn’t seem so old after all.

As it’s such a milestone, I did suspect that Mo Cushla would have a few surprises up his sleeve but little did I know how very surprised I would be.

I think it was sometime in May or June, he asked me to give him a guest list for a party for my birthday. I didn’t get round to giving it to him till a few weeks ago. Since I was expecting a surprise party, I decided to get an outfit. I did wonder how I would know when to wear the outfit if I didn’t know when the party was actually going to take place! I didn’t let that deter me though.

Exactly 40 days to my birthday, on the 26th of September, as I was going to take a shower, I opened the airing cupboard to grab my towel and there were about 6 or 7 bottles of my Dove shower gel and one bottle of my face wash lined up nicely on one of the shelves. Mo Cushla had bought them. Over the next few days and weeks, thoughtful and practical gifts kept popping up in different places. I don’t remember the particular order they came in but I will list them and tell how I discovered them.

Pink fluffy house slippers – My old ones were rather tatty and I had been planning to throw them out and replace them. I came downstairs one evening, just after he’d got home from work, and they were at the foot of the stairs, just waiting for me to slip my feet in them.

Perfume – I woke up one morning to find a bottle of perfume wrapped nicely in gold wrapping paper with a bow stuck on it on my dresser. I unwrapped it to find a bottle of Escape by Calvin Klein.

Towel set – Another day, he handed me a large bag which had a lovely fluffly blue towel set in it.

Lingerie – We went to M&S one evening to get some school trousers for WEO. Mo Cushla asked me to also get some lingerie. I got a few sets and had to take the boys to the toilet so handed him what I’d picked out. When we got back he’d paid for them so we went home. Later, when I unpacked the bag, I noticed he’d added several more sets which he’d chosen himself, and I must add, he has excellent taste!

Amazon vouchers – One day, I got an email from  informing me that Mo Cushla had got me vouchers worth £25.00 . He said it had been a while since he got me any books so I could use the vouchers to do just that.

Framed photograph – I came down to the kitchen one morning and on the work top was a frame with two black and white photographs in it. One was of him and the boys and the other of me and the boys. He’d also put up a frame holder on one of the living room walls for it so all I had to was hang it up.

A pair of earrings, large bottles of Bio-oil, MAC foundation (the right colour), a hand-held hair dryer and a lottery ticket (this one was for the Euromillions the week when it was £130m rollover) were some other gifts he showered me with.

He revealed on my actual birthday that he had intended to give me 40 gifts, one each day in the countdown to the day. He fell short but still intends to complete the list which includes a charm Bracelet, clutch bag, wristwatch, pair of jeans, winter coat, belt, pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, scarf/pashmina, leather gloves, pair of sun glasses and a Ralph Tee shirt.

Mo Cushla leaves so early for work, the boys and I are usually still sleeping. My birthday was no exception. However I came downstairs to find a lovely bouquet of flowers (gerberas and lillies which were the flowers I had at our wedding) and some greeting cards.

I got on with business as usual; dropped the boys off at their respective schools, taught a class and then went shopping for aforementioned outfit. Some friends had said they would stop by so I got home and waited for them.

Just after 2.00pm, Mo Cushla walked in with a massive cake. I was so pleased to see him as I wasn’t expecting him home so early. He also handed me what looked like a restaurant menu (see photos below).

Below is what I found in the ‘menu’;


So it’s your Birthday you are the Big 4 – 0

Very many congratulations!! I pray God Continues to bless you, keep you, prosper you and elevate you to greater things over the next 40 years, in the name of Jesus.

I have agonized for very many months over what to give you. I have involved family, friends, people at work and in some cases total strangers, and I’m still none the wiser…

Hopefully, you would have enjoyed the little gifts you’ve received over the last 40 days, even though they fell short of the intended 40 presents, it was all meant to be a discrete countdown to today. (By the way I will complete the list but I need your input…)

So, on to today, I know you would have loved a good party, and I would have loved to throw one for you, but the truth is… I can’t afford to, (at least not right now).

However, as an alternative and in recognition of this milestone in your life, I have put together what I hope will be a fun activity filled year, a year that will create lasting memories in celebration of Nkem,

Fabulous @ 40!


A restaurant has been booked for you and 10 of your nearest and dearest friends, (unfortunately I’m not brave enough to make the choice out of the 100 names you gave me), So I’ll leave that honour to you.


25/29 Church Road

Date: At Your Pleasure

Time: 19:00

Main Course – 2011

Seeing as you love to travel, and with your penchant for the exotic, Feel free to select an all expense paid, two-week holiday destination of your choice.

Side Platter – 2011

Seasonal Weekends Away

  1. A Winter’s escape
  2. A Weekend jump into Spring
  3. A Summer trip to cool off
  4. A fall back Autumn get away


The chef’s special blend of Bavarian treats.

A contemporary Germanic classic, offering complete satisfaction without the usual bourgeois fare. Alongside nostalgia and multisensory appeal, Germanys’ finest Chefs, have spared no expense in creating an all-in-one culinary masterpiece.  This has been curated with the single task of stimulating dopamine and endorphin receptors based on information specific to you.

As with all fine foods this treat has been packaged in a reusable bespoke designer outer metallic case, trimmed in leather, all designed for your personal pleasure aptly Christened, ‘N40kem’


December   TBA – FELA  The Musical

January 8th 2011 – Cirque Du Soleil, Royal Albert Hall

February – December (We get to do something special every month)

I read all of it and was still beaming from ear to ear when he took me outside to the drive and apologised for not throwing me a party. I reassured him it was ok, at which point he pointed to a car parked in front of a neighbour’s garage.  I looked at it then looked away till I heard my friends yelling in the background so I looked at the car again.

Apparently it was for me! It had a personalised number plate with my name on it! I stood rooted to the spot in complete shock with my jaw on the floor. What a lovely surprise! I had been happy enough with my two-week all expense paid holiday and all the other bits only to get this.

I am so thankful to my wonderful husband for his thoughtfulness and all the care he put into ensuring my 40th birthday is one I’ll remember always. Thanks, Babes.

I am also very grateful to all my friends and family for all the birthday wishes sent by email, phone, text, Facebook and in person. Thank you all for enriching my life so much.


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95 thoughts on “Fabulous @ 40!

  1. Happy birthday once again dear friend, I salute your hubby for being so such a wonderful man, and you too, for being a wife that delights his heart. Can’t wait to rock the ML 🙂

  2. Thanks very much, my dear.

  3. Christine on said:

    Now, who can beat that ! He definitely did well.

    Congrats again and give my warm regards to him.

  4. Thanks very much, Christine. It’s very kind of you to stop by especially in your time of loss. May God grant you and your family strength and grace at this time

  5. Christine on said:

    Amen , Nkem .

    Thank you.

  6. Ugonna on said:

    Wow!!! Nkem. This is wonderful. Congratulations and cant wait to take a ride in this car. God bless u and ur family.

  7. Inaingo Ogufere on said:

    this is so unreal! we read abt this stuff in mill sand boon and were cautioned not to ever expect it.
    Thank God for your Hubby. thats a man in a million

  8. Njide Egbuna on said:

    WAOW!!! speechless, how totally romantic, mills & Boons no reach this one ooo

  9. Lady Nicks on said:

    Yes oh Bless God from whom all blessings flow ! Mo Cushla Kemsi you did good oh, it was all worth it.
    Again Kemsi, Happy Birthday. The Good Lord who has brought you thus far, aint done with you yet !
    He has a great plan for you and yours !

    Lady Nicks

  10. The Cupcake Lady on said:

    In Lagos with Kaodi and was privy to the early planning…Got gooosebumps through out….You are so blessed…Enjoy your year long treat and happy 40th….

  11. Clara Rufai on said:


    That was really thoughtful of him; he obviously spent time thinking of just how to please his wife with tidbits of all of her favourite things! Its not how much he may have spent that matter, its the huge amount of thought that went into preparing it! God bless you, your husband and your boys and may the lines continue to fall for you in pleasant places!

  12. Mrs Elizabeth Azu on said:

    Welcome to the club my sister. May God be with you and the family. Long life and prosperity

  13. CHICHI on said:


  14. zee mama on said:

    This is just simply fabulous
    Are you sure this man is Nigerian?

  15. Zee mama,

    I like this new moniker. Yes, he is Nigerian.

    How are you coping with oga away? Hang in there.

  16. When can we go for a ride in the ML pls??? Loves it! your husband is my new hero after my husband! Happy birthday again, Mrs I, over the moon for you (and somewhat jealous but we can talk about that later:))

  17. Winks,

    You are too funny. I love you too. Join the queue for that ride.

  18. Awwww!!!!! How so cool! Happy birthday- No need to hope your day was blessed, or wish you a fabulous year- You already do!

  19. Hi Nkem,
    Sorry I’m only just popping by … after all this time.
    What a lovely read. Happy belated birthday.

  20. This is so sweet…what a really romantic and loving hubb…y…happy birthday and many more happy years together…hugs

  21. itoro Isong on said:

    Dear Nkem, you must be a woman in a million. I am proud of you. It takes a million dollar woman to move your spouse in this way. Happy birthday again and kudos to Mr Ivara.

  22. Hmmm… Speechless! But if i must speak, he has certainly raised the bar! Happy birthday and Congrats to you and him as well!!!

  23. Hmmmmm….(sigh)….Now that you snagged one of the most romantic “Nigerian” men out there, what do i have to look forward to??? Like Wonu, am slightly jealous…..

    Much love to the sweetest sister and you sure are fabulous at 40!!

    Kudos to my darling broda….u make me proud always!!!(….still sure you dont have a brother hidden somewhere? Please check again!!!)

    • Kaodi,
      The glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former. Your very own special man is being prepped just for you with extra lashings of ‘romantical’ and much more.
      You just wait and see.
      Love you loads

  24. btw…”am ugo” above is one of my male colleagues!!! am torturing the men here…LOL!

  25. ugo "OBIALGELI" on said:

    Hi Nkem,
    Absolutely romantic. Dont you think a book should be published on this??? It would really help CLUELESS guys out there.LOL. Happy 4oth birthday.

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  27. Oh la la! I’m also smiles on my face and in my heart! Congrats dearie, happy birthday and may the love and romance never cease in your life. This is awesomely beautiful. My day has been made!

  28. Just coming here from JustJoxy’s blog and I’m tripped! Your husband sounds like a wonderful man and I’m sure you know that! Congratulations on your milestone birthday, and may God bless you and your family always!

  29. O-K! I’m jealous…lol. A big congratulations to you on reaching this great milestone…many more blessed years are ahead.

    Permission to send this post to all the men I know…pls?

  30. Jadesola on said:

    Tripped! Dats all i can say 🙂
    Happy Birthday!

  31. Margaret on said:

    It’s so nice to have a lovely husband. Happy Birthday @ 40. Enjoy life to the fullest.

  32. Temmy Odupitan on said:

    Whao!!! Am in awe..I AM SPEECHLESS!! Let me get praying and fasting..You deserve it girl.

  33. What a wonderful man Aji is…! Bless God for him o! He’s set the standard….!

  34. eroinspirations on said:

    Just got here from Myne’s website and I am so encouraged to know there are good and loving men out there…God bless your husband and your marriage and continue to make you a fulfilled woman in all areas of your life…

  35. Wonderful! Beautiful! Lovely! Spectacular!

    God bless you, your husband and your wonderful boys! I just read your story posted on Myne’s website, and I came here.

    Happy 40th Birthday! Glad to know that your husband showers you with all the Love you deserve!

  36. Oh my!
    This is so sweet
    I love to hear stories like this.

    Thank God for husbands like yours.
    may your marriage be sweeter and sweeter
    and be filled with all the beautiful things of life.

    I’m having dreams of my 40th( even though its a long time from now).

  37. wow, your husband is soooooooooo romantic. this is belated, but congrats all the same!

  38. Your testimony of love has renewed my hope. May God bless you both and keep you strong, faithful and happy in each other.

    I thought this only happens in the M n B series…I wish you guys a happily ever after, I really do…..

  40. I also came over from Myne’s blog. Really, you are very blessed and your husband is probably the most thoughtful n caring man I have read or heard about….I mean that! I am inspired, really. God bless your home. Happy birthday in arrears.

  41. who said naija men were not romantic?????

    this is really thoughtful and tasteful..

    Nice one

    Happy belated birthday

  42. WOWWWWW!!!! This is beyond romantic! AWWWWWWWWWWWW…Happy Belated Birthday!

    May marriage continue to flourish with each passing day!!!

  43. Wow…this story teaches one to be patient for the right man, cuz when he comes, he lasts “right” for all the years to come.

    May God continually bless your marriage for many more years, even in old age. Amen

  44. kai!!!
    my sister i will say a prayer for your husband
    God must bless him

    and i have learnt , i shall wait for my own patiently.

  45. This is such a sweet, thoughtful and romantic man, who know and shows hisa wife what she means to him.
    My prayer for your family is that you would continually love even to heights you can’t imagine right now.

    Some years down the line, I will have my own adventures to share 🙂

  46. WOW! That’s all I can say! I love it when men are romantic to the core! I’m going back to my drawing board. haha

    Thanks for sharing. May the Lord keep you together forever with the love and passion for each other and God, ever growing.

    – LDP

  47. Have never read anything like this before, May must also be a virtuous woman for him to give that special treatment. May God bless your husband real good.

  48. Mo Cushla, na you biko! One to clone, if God allows it! xxx

  49. Eno Ekpott on said:

    Hey Wordsmythe I have never visited your blog thanks to Myne and this blows my mind. Not just because of the gifts but the show of L♥√ع . Its a man who truly knows that cares this much. I don’t know if he would be flattering you with all of this if he didn’t mean it. You blessed and I pray your marriage remains a blessing and may it be pleasing to God all ‎​γεαr round.

    God bless your husband and bless you too amen 🙂


  50. Happy belated bday! Glad I came across the link on Myne’s blog. Your story is amazing.
    Wow I’m speechless!!! Your hubby is a real blessing and more love to you guys always. x

  51. WOW!!!!! OMG! SALUTE TO YOUR HUBBY!!!.my oh my..what a thoughtful man..:O

  52. Hello!I just discovered your blog.My sis is always reading your blog and myne something’s blog so I asked her to send me the links …what was so enthralling about these people’s lives anyways?!
    Gosh, I absolutely love your blog and you already!lol. seriously, love the fact you are christian and have such a wonderful hubby and family. You have made me less terrified of marriage (im 25 by the way).I would definitely be back as oft i can…probably everyday to try to read up your archives! God bless your family and may your love for each other wax stronger in Jesus name! Lemme go check out Myne too 🙂

    • Hi Tos,

      I’m so pleased you love my blog and me. Thank you, I already love you too, for loving my blog and me. Please say a big thank you to your sis for me, she’s a fantastic ambassador for my blog! You get out of marriage as much as you are willing to put in. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no walk in the park but if you determine to play your part, with God on your side, you will reap the benefits.

      I look forward to seeing you back here again.

      God bless.

  53. Honestly, how could I have missed this post? Did I ever even say happy birthday to you? If I didn’t, this is me saying Happy birthday in arears. Wow….talk about clocking the big 4-0 with the best gifts any girl could ask for? You hubby makes Hubby of the Year.

  54. Hello Wordsmythe!!!So I’m the sister to Tos above…Just occurred I haven’t actually commented on your blog before but have had it bookmarked ages ago! Haven’t been here in a while too…oops my bad! Your life remains a blessing and testimony! Maybe might bump into you one of ’em days who knows…lol…God bless you loads!

  55. AWWWWWWW!!!!!

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