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Happy Valentine’s

The origin of Valentine’s day is rather vague but the celebration of it most certainly isn’t. We do know though that it’s a day set aside to celebrate love between intimate companions.

Like most commemorative holidays, it has been severely commercialised. No sooner than the Christmas decorations are taken down in January the red heart-shaped Valentine themed merchandise is put on display in shops. A copious amount of money is spent on greeting cards and gifts to show love and affection to spouses, boy/girlfriends etc.

I’m all for celebrating love but I don’t think it should be for just one day in the year. I believe love should be celebrated, appreciated and applauded every single day. There is nothing wrong with the occasional pretentious and ostentatious display of love with all the attending gifts and cards but showing appreciation and expressing love should be a way of life rather than an annual holiday.

Another downside of this extreme commercialisation is that single people may find themselves marginalised as if they are not already penalised enough at other times of the year. I appreciate that it is not everyone who is single who wishes it were otherwise, but there is a large proportion who wish they had someone to call their own. This must be a particularly difficult time for them.

So I’m dedicating today’s post to anyone who finds themselves with no significant other on Valentine’s day. Being single on Valentine’s day is not great but it’s certainly not the worst that can happen. Count your blessings and you will be surprised at how rich your life is regardless of your marital/relationship status.

Don’t let the media, commerce industry, anything or anyone else box you into a compartment and label you. You are a whole, unique person with a lot to offer when you finally meet your ‘valentine’.

Here’s a poem I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy!


Today the world marks Valentine’s

But everyday I am privileged to have a love divine

A love beyond measure

And indeed a great treasure


The giver of this love went to great length

To demonstrate to me it was all heartfelt

Giving up His only Son to die was no small feat

But He did it for me that I might, sin and death defeat


The paradox of this love

Is such that it boggles the mind

That God Himself left His throne above

To break the chains of those once in a bind


Bringing hope to those once without

Providing healing for sickness and pain

Chasing away the shadows of doubt

But best of all, the joy of salvation.


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7 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s

  1. Happy Valentine’s dearie.

  2. Very nice.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Chisa. Hope you are well

  4. Happy Valentine’s day dear, this is a lovely poem.

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