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Feel-good factors

I checked several online dictionaries for a definition of ‘feel-good factor’. I wasn’t impressed with the mention of words and phrases like ‘superficial happiness’ and ‘feelings of self-satisfaction’ so I eschewed them. Rather I embraced the following;

  • feeling hopeful and optimistic,
  • something positive that affects the general mood of the community, making people feel secure, happy, optimistic, spiritually contented
  • something that causes or demonstrates a sense of well-being or satisfaction.

These definitions make me feel good.

At all times in my life, Jesus is my feel-good factor. Irrespective of what I may be going through, I always find solace and reassurance in His unconditional love for me.  He is the one constant in the vagaries of life. However at different times in my life, a few other things put a smile on my face, leaving me feeling all warm and gooey on the inside and make me feel all is well with the world again.

These could be any number of things including music, pictures, smells, food, experiences, movies, books, quotations, compliments, affectionate words and touches, to mention just a few.

Mo Cushla and the boys constantly make me feel really good with their kind thoughtful words, actions, hugs and kisses. They give me reason to smile every day. Just last night, after eating his macaroni cheese dinner, WEO (my four-almost-five year son) declared,

Mmm, yumyum! Thanks for making that,  Mummy. You’re a good cooker.”

His little brother, EDU, who is almost three will often say to me,

Mummy, I like your hair” and “You look beautiful, Mummy!!”

Tell me how I can keep from grinning foolishly at those declarations!

In November last year, Gwyneth Paltrow starred in an episode of ‘Glee‘, an American musical comedy-drama television series set in a high school. She, along with the regular cast, sang Cee-Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ (the sanitised version). I had seen him perform the song on Jools Holland’s show and heard it played on the radio but watching Gwyneth and the Glee cast doing it really resonated with me and since then it’s been a hit with me. The boys have cottoned on to it as well.

Now every time it comes on the radio in the car, I put the volume up (usually at the boys’ request) and we all sing along to it. If we’re home when it comes on the radio, the boys and I bop around and sing along into our pretend microphones.The other night, an hour after the boys had gone to bed, WEO called to me from the top of the stairs. When I asked why he wasn’t asleep, he said, “Come, Mummy, ‘Change in my pocket’ is playing on the radio.” They have the radio on in their room and they refer to the song by one of the lines in it. I had to go upstairs and dance with him till the song finished. ;o)

So this song is my latest feel-good factor. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

It’s also worth watching Gwyneth and the Glee cast too. Quite aspirational!

Please share your feel-good factors. Thanks.

Tara for now.


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4 thoughts on “Feel-good factors

  1. The dream! You sure say you no wan sign up for the post a day challenge? You are putting me to shame. Off to sulk.

  2. Okay, just listened to this song. Never heard it before, but Egirl knows it!!! My feel good factor? Food. Specifically chocolate, and ice-cream Chocolate ice-cream? Now we’re talking.

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