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Love makes the world go round

Last November I got an email from a fellow blogger, Myne Whitman, founder and editor of and author of a romance novel set in Nigeria, ‘ A Heart to Mend‘.  It read thus;

I would like to request a guest post from you. Like the last time, the concept for my February 2011 posts will again be LOVE. I want to make it guest posts from married/engaged bloggers who are willing to share their love stories, how they met their husbands/fiances or something related to that of their choice. I’ll be grateful if you’d be able to be part of it.

To say I was keen would be an understatement. Myne is self-published but she’s also a great networker. She is extremely resourceful and has been interviewed by numerous magazines, e-zines, newspapers, bloggers and various other media. She has a large followership on her blog and I was really excited at the prospect of being profiled there.

I didn’t manage to actually write and send the story till the 7th of February. In the meantime, since the beginning of the month, she’s been posting stories of other bloggers including my friend, Joxy’s which I have enjoyed reading tremendously. Even though I wrote it, I was looking forward to reading my story too. I’m subscribed to her blog so I receive an email whenever she updates it however due to the different time zones we both live in, the emails come in at odd times of the day.

Last night, after I put the boys to bed, I came down to see a Facebook message from Joxy saying she was enjoying my story on Myne’s blog. I told her I didn’t realise she’d posted it and went over to read it myself. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw that instead of the story I’d sent her, it was Mo Cushla’s side of the story!

I had told him about Myne’s request and without letting me know he’d gone to my laptop, taken her email address and contacted her asking if he could surprise me by writing and having her post his side of the story. I was gobsmacked and very pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t stop grinning. I was really touched by this gesture and it spoke volumes to me. The best part of it all was Myne published his story on the 16th of February 2011, the anniversary of the day we actually met 8 years ago! Then she posted my story today as a sequel to Mo Cushla’s.

You can read Mo Cushla’s here and mine here.

A big thank you to Myne for profiling both Mo Cushla’s and my love story. An even bigger thank you to Mo Cushla for surprising me in such a delightful and special way, I love you.

Finally thank you to everyone who’s visited my blog as a result of reading the stories on Myne’s. I hope you come back again and again.

Tara for now.


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17 thoughts on “Love makes the world go round

  1. I think I am in love with you…***no homo*** Wishing yourself and Mo’Cushla a wonderful, God-filled-devil-dont-dare-intrude life together. I really really liked your stories!

  2. Mfon Asanga on said:

    Mo Cushla’s story is very beautiful. I eagerly checked for yours but it’s not there as indicated. Looking forward to reading your own side of the story.

  3. Your hubby is the sweetest!

    I’ve read both parts and I must say it’s amazing! God bless you both!

  4. Lady Nicks on said:

    Dear WordSmythe, I really enjoy your stories and the various names you have given all ya boyz, big and small. Can I have one too 😀 I havent read your stories yet, am quite curious to see what Mo Cushla has come up with, I know I wont be dissappointed. Ya family is a great example of what God had in mind for marriage and a family. Pity you guyz arent on telly as opposed to the reality tv drivel we are subjected to on a weekly basis.Which is why I am sticking with CSI dem dem ! Especially NCIS Los Angeles and Haiwai 50, really diggin them right now. I am straying abit…… Guyz may the love grow daily may it be renewed daily may it be empowered daily may it be rooted and grounded in God daily. God is Love outside God there is no love. I hope to have a story for Myne W very very soon ! See you Sunday hopefully. I am off to you know where.

    • Hello Lady Nicks,

      I’m so glad you came by and have enjoyed what you’ve read as well as the boys names. I’ll have to think up one for when I write about you to protect your cherished privacy 😮

      My dear, I could do with some of that telly money but not sure I’d like to actually be on it. Sigh! I guess the windfall will have to come from elsewhere. See you soon.

      • Lady Nicks on said:

        I have read Mo Cushla’s story. I knew I wouldnt be dissappointed. As I was reading it from work it came up with a big red and yellow warning that this site is not allowed. I read it anyway ! I have a big grin on my face. I can really picture the whole scenario, Mo Cushla with one eye and one ear on PAI and the sermon and the other eye and ear discreetly scouring the congregation for that tall pretty slim lady he “didnt really fancy”. God does good work sha ! I look forward to ‘my ‘name that you come up with. Nothing about cleaning is allowed oh 😀
        I agree love does make the world go round.It increases ya blood levels as well. There is nothing like it on earth.


  5. Thanks so much Wordsmythe, for being a part of my February Theme, and for this post too. It is a pleasure hosting all the lovely stories on my blog, love sure does make my world go round. I have to confess that Mo’Cushla also made my day when I got his email, and I looked forward to surprising you, hehehe…

    May love continue to grow richly in your hearts, and your family be blessed.

  6. We thoroughly enjoyed reading both sides of the stories…what an inspiration you and your husband are 🙂

  7. It was great reading Mo Cushla’s side of the story. I am sooo glad I did not give it away 🙂 Seriously though, it was nice being featured on Myne’s website, thank God for giving us beautiful stories to share, and for blessing us with husbands such as ours.

  8. Hi N, I’ve just read your own side of the story. Awesome! You two deserve each other. You’ve just acquire a new fan here. 🙂

  9. You’ve got such a lovely husband,may God bless your marriage

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