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The storm is over?

The storm is over now but it’s left in its wake

Devastation, destruction, the aftermath of a quake,

Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth,

All commonplace expressions of their collective grief.


The storm is over now but for some it’s just the start

Of great loss, deprivation and brokenness of heart

For some dear friends and loved ones they’ll no longer behold

‘Cause of this disaster that never was foretold.


The storm is over now but life must go on

How does one carry on when close ones are gone?

Homes destroyed and livelihoods swept away?

All this while keeping radiation at bay?


For those in Japan, priorities have changed

Mindsets and attitudes all rearranged.

The tiniest of morsels is now of great price

And the barest of shelter has to suffice.


The storm is over now or is it really

Out in Japan, ever so chilly?

Guilt, regrets and feelings of doubt

For those who are being bailed out.


So many left wandering around

As confusion and devastation abound

They may have survived the tsunami

But present conditions are far from balmy.


So please spare a thought for those out there

And find a way to show you care.

For a prayer and / or a donation

Do not require any translation.


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2 thoughts on “The storm is over?

  1. Globetrotter on said:

    Very well written. Nicely done.

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