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For the love of animals!

WEO, my older son, is on Easter holidays. So I’ve planned a series of activities to stave off boredom and consequently mischief. One of these was to visit Legoland and we went yesterday with some friends. The children had a really good time running around and on the various rides we were able to go on. EDU, my younger son, wasn’t able to go on some rides due to the minimum height restriction so we tried to do more of the ones he could go on. One of these was the Learner Drivers for 3 – 5 year olds. He’s not 3 till next month but that’s just a technicality so he did actually get to ride one of the cars.

There was usually a queue for each ride and a sign to indicate an approximated wait time. For this ride, it was about 15 minutes. One of the ladies in our party had a one year old so she waited outside the fence while my other friend and I queued with four boys. It was going on 5pm as we queued and the creepy-crawlies had started to come out to play. We kept swatting them away and managed to keep them at bay, however one bumblebee flew quite close to EDU and wouldn’t go away.

Then it lazily flew close to my feet and just kept buzzing around at which point my friend asked me to kill it. So I obliged and stepped on it. The lady just ahead of us in the queue turned around just as I was squashing the bee to death and shuddered in horror, shaking her head and muttering “Oh Bumblebee, oh bumblebee!”

I tried to explain to her that EDU had previously been stung by a wasp, in his mouth no less so I was wary of the bee/wasp extended family. She was having none of it and was totally unmoved by my tale.

As she lamented, her older son, who was probably about 5 or 6 years old, picked up on what had happened. Next thing I knew the boy was crying! I mean, bawling into his mother’s shoulder! I was a bit taken aback so I asked if my killing the bee was the reason for his crying and the mother answered in the affirmative saying “Oh he loves animals like you wouldn’t believe it!”

To say that I was shocked would be putting it rather mildly. My friend was thoroughly disgusted. We both pondered on the matter for the remainder of our queuing time and couldn’t wait for it to end as we felt rather uncomfortable being around the ‘wounded’ party. We were even loathe to swat any more flying bugs which came our way thereafter so as not to cause further offence.

I can understand and appreciate some people’s love of animals even though I don’t necessarily share it but I think there’s got to be a ¬†balance. This was not even the deep philosophical level of killing animals to eat but more of a protective issue especially since I’ve had a bad experience with a distant relative of aforementioned bumblebee.

I’m not going to launch into an intellectual discourse about loving and protecting animals/insects at all costs as I would fail miserably to deliver a case for it. But I am going to reserve my right to defend myself and my loved ones against any creature that I fear may harm us even if it may upset someone else and I make no apologies for that. I’d rather a dead bumblebee than a stung and distressed human child.

Thanks for stopping by and tara for now.

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4 thoughts on “For the love of animals!

  1. Crying for bumblebee? She needs to man up her son!

  2. Honestly, people should find a balance! Sign of the times – no? When people care more about animals/insects than human beings.
    Bet you, despite all that, she’s probably heading home for a juicy steak!

  3. Tut tut tut. You killed an itty bitty bumblebee. Naughty naughty. LOL

    Seriously though, some people need to get things in perspective. As much as i love animals, I love human beings more. And i can tell you if it was me with my kids i would have been swatting the whole lot without remorse.

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