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I am happy to say that blogging more often has helped me get back into the discipline of writing regularly and I’m currently halfway through a manuscript which I hope to get published in the future. So I feel less pressure to blog as this is not my sole writing outlet.

Having said that I did sign up to the WordPress Postaweek2011 challenge. Whenever I write a blog post, I relax in the knowledge that I have a whole week/7 days/168 hours within which to write another.  However one week isn’t as long as I’d like it to be as too quickly it’s gone and another post is due.

I would like to be proactive and have several posts scheduled for publishing more than once a week but I have to accept the limitations of time, inspiration, inclination and sometimes plain procrastination. When I think I have lots of time to accomplish a task, I tend to leave it till the last-minute.

So for this week’s post, I’ve written a rhyme about procrastination. Hope you enjoy it along with the images I got off Google.



If you’ve got something to do

Now’s as  good a time as any

For soon it’ll be overdue

And your tasks, way too many.

If you’ve got some goals to accomplish

Best to get stuck in straight away

For soon you’ll be wringing your hands in anguish

And shaking your head in dismay.

You may think you’ve got lots of time

And wonder why I’m writing this silly rhyme

But all too soon the time goes by

And becomes short in supply.

Time waits for no man

Not even for woman

Stop putting off till another day

What you can do today.

I hope this rhyme motivates you

That henceforth you’ll eschew

Procrastination in all its subtle forms

And to your life bring great reforms.

Tara for now.




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14 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Itoro on said:

    Tell me about it, off i go to battle my filing. And i have only just bought my tkt altough i have known about this reunion for almost a year. Procrastination IS my undoing.

  2. Nice poem…
    I got all motivated but I only made it as far as my sofa…..LOL

    The mind is willing, the body is weak. :)))

  3. Kaodi on said:

    Nicely written!
    “l’ll find a picture for it later”…….my personal fave!

    True story……I bought a picture frame (with about 15 picture slots) when i first moved back to Naija, and put it on the wall (empty), hoping to put up some family pictures. Fast foward 2 years later when i was moving out of the flat….still nice and empty…on the wall!!!
    Well needless to say, I put up the pictures immediately i moved into my new flat. Procrastination is truly the thief of time! God help us all.

  4. The guys who coined had me in mind when they did it! Help!

    • GT, you are funny 😮 I generally try to get things done as soon as I possibly can, I hate last minute running around but I find I tend to put off chores I consider too tedious or difficult. However, the longer I leave things undone, the harder they become to do.

      Once again, God help us all.

  5. I love your post girl. I certainly feel that way a lot of the times. I love the ‘proactively delaying cartoon…’ I used to work with people with exactly the same attitude. LOL

  6. Joxy on said:

    I was going to leave a comment earlier…..then left it for a minute, and time flew. I wasn’t procrastinating in the least.

  7. lol…the cartoons are funny…and the picture (or lack of one) is genius. Love the poem too…hopefully, I’m not so bad a procrastinator any more.

  8. @ Kiru, Joxy and Doyin, isn’t ironical that I’ve not got round to responding to your comments till now? Oh well, I guess you could say I was ‘proactively delaying the implementation’ blah blah blah 😮

  9. LOL….”For soon you’ll be wringing your hands in anguish and shaking your head in dismay”…oh my!!! You’ve got that right! That’s exactly how I look on most days. The chief culprit is often times the writing …it takes so much time and I’m left with little time to scurry around to get other important things done. Good one!

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