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So many blogs, so little time!

Last week, I wrote about the bedevilled thief of time, procrastination and this week, my post is two days overdue! Go figure! However I’m pleased to announce that it is not because I let myself fall victim to that vicious bandit but because I have been a bit unwell. Thankfully, this episode of poor health is on its last legs.

Blogging is such a fascinating endeavour. Some people blog for a living and make money doing it, whilst for others, it simply a hobby. Within the hobby-blogging category, there are a myriad of reasons for doing so and it would be extremely presumptuous of me to claim to know exactly what they all are. Suffice it to say that whether it be for business or pleasure, we all have our motivation for expressing ourselves through this medium.

Anyway I’ve been meaning to do a post on some great blogs that I enjoy visiting regularly. Just the way you would surf TV channels to find something suitable to watch and sometimes inadvertently stumble across an interesting programme, I also surf other blogs. There’s a mind-boggling array of blogs out there with just about any and every subject matter on the face of the earth.

It’s a struggle to find the time to read them all regularly so I tend to go back to the ones I find interesting, amusing, educational and just plain entertaining. I would like to share some of my favourites with you in the hope that you’ll not only pay them a visit but also comment on any posts you enjoy reading.

Myne Whitman is a novelist. She’s just published her second romance novel set in Nigeria and is working on her third. On her blog, she encourages other writers/bloggers in many ways including profiling their stories occasionally, interviews and memes. She is currently doing a series on blogging tips called ‘Good blog, bad blog’ which I highly recommend.

Joxy is a close friend and she writes about pretty much everything and has a witty take on ‘life, as she sees it’ while Toks’ Pawpawandmango provides a delightful and refreshing look into family life and running your own business.

The Globetrotting Executive and I were in school together. She started blogging in earnest in March this year and has managed a post a day except for a few days in May when she had no internet access. She shares tips on surviving the upheaval of relocating every so often but the main attraction of her blog for me is our mutual penchant for rhymes.

The oxymoron that is the outspoken introvert is quirky, simple and succinct and I love her writing style. In a bid to brighten up her corner of the world  and “be the change ‘she’ wants to see in the world”, she started a campaign called ‘It Matters Monday’.

MaidofHeart writes beautiful parables on her blog Histiara while Jaycee’s Light-a-lamp never fails to offer encouragement and spiritual upliftment.

Naija mum in London tries to make sense of life and family and usually has a refreshing perspective on things. Chibundu Onuzo is a very young and soon-to-be published author of ‘The Spider King’s Daughter’. Her writing displays a maturity way beyond her years and her blog, ‘Author sounds better than writer‘ is a like a breath of fresh air.

Kiru Taye, a budding romance writer, recently starting blogging on ‘Thrusty Thursdays’ sharing her writing her journey and very juicy excerpts from her manuscripts.

This is by no means a conclusive list of the many blogs I visit but in order to keep this post well within the confines of a ‘do-not-bore-me-to-death’ length, I will stop here for now.

Thanks for stopping by.


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13 thoughts on “So many blogs, so little time!

  1. Now I’ve got new blogs to add to my ever growing list. At the last count there were about 50. Luckily not every one of them posts regularly so I don’t have to spend forever reading blogs. But you’re right, there are those that I go back to regularly. Like yours.

    Glad to see you’re well enough to write. ;o))

    • Kiru, it’s amazing how many blogs there are out there! I struggle to keep abreast of all the ones that interest but thankfully I can always go to their archives to catch up as and when I find the time.

  2. Hope you are feeling better?
    Thanks so much for the mention
    Definitely more blogs to stalk :))))
    Thanks again. I really appreciate the mention

  3. Well done Nkem. You’ve been blogging for ages! I hope you’re well now? Your summary of the blogs you visit frequently is precise. I like your writing style. Here’s mine too.

  4. Wordsmythe!
    You do have a great way with words which is a true gift!
    Four months into this blogging malarkey, I am still unable to state exactly what my blog is all about. I just write….everyday.

    Thank you for putting it into words for me!

    Hi. I am the The Globetrotting Executive and I am no longer ‘the blogger without a niche’!

  5. HI dear,

    Hope you’re feeling much better. Thanks so much for the kind mention. Thanks to you I’ve added a few more blogs to follow. By the way, I really enjoyed your Las Vegas trip post. I’m yet to get round to reading your short stories.

    Take care dear and do get well soon. 🙂

  6. I only started blogging late last year and I’m enjoying it tremendously. That said, I too wish I had time to blog often and to visit other blogs, and the ones you’ve mentioned here sounds quite interesting. I love Myne’s blog…they are a great resource for upcoming writers; Maid of heart (ooooh, I love her parables too – a perfect example of what good storytelling is all about). Same with Kiru Taye who just started her new blog like you rightly mentioned and is doing some pretty “hot stuff” with it. Even the name of her blog already has you perspiring before you start reading anything on it. The other blogs you mentioned, I haven’t been to visit, but I will and hopefully come to love them like you do.

  7. Thanks Lara,

    I trust you will let the bloggers know when you do get round to visiting their blogs.

    Take care now.

  8. Thanks for the shout-out Nkem, can’t believe I haven’t commented before now. I will endeavour to visit the other blogs you have mentioned i.e the ones I haven’t hitherto. And I will let them know I dropped by :).

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