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Apologies…and an excerpt

I’ve been remiss in keeping to my weekly update schedule. Please accept my apologies.

My muse did come back but then finding time to write in the last week has proven to be something of an uphill task. In the last week, I’ve been away with the family for a few days, been working (my day job) and also hosted a mini-reunion/40th birthday celebration for some school friends. Needless to say, writing was somewhat relegated to the back burner.

I’m hoping to make up for lost time this weekend. In the meantime, here’s another excerpt from my current work-in-progress titled ‘Closer than a brother’. If you missed the last excerpt, you can read it here and also see photographs of what I imagine my hero and heroine look like. Enjoy and please do share your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by.

“Please tell me again why on earth you agreed to walk to the station in your high heels,” Becky said, smiling mischievously.

You set us up!” Sami retorted.

I may have set you up but I certainly didn’t ask you to attempt to break the world record for longest distance walked in 5-inch heels!”

“Becky, stop! It wasn’t funny at the time.” Sami wasn’t surprised Becky was amused. She was always playing practical jokes in the office. She should have been suspicious when she set her up with Rotimi. Bad judgment call! She wouldn’t be making another one of those though.

“I really did think you would be good for him. He takes himself too seriously.”

“And you reckon I’m patron saint of the uptight?” Sami asked, pretending to be offended.

“Come on, don’t be like that! It was just supposed to be a spot of fun.”

“With friends like you, who needs enemies?” Sami kissed her teeth.

“Seriously though, I am sorry. I knew he was peculiar but I didn’t realise he was that bad. And getting food poisoning to top it off!”

“That was unfortunate. Look, it’s ok.”

“So shall I take it you won’t be seeing him again then?”

The look Sami gave her would have scared off a lesser mortal, not Becky though.

“I’m packing it all in. Dating isn’t working for me. I’ll probably die a miserable old maid.”

“True! You always seem to pick losers anyway!”

“Gee, thanks. You’re on a roll today, aren’t you? Talk about kicking a woman when she’s down!”

“You know I’m just kidding. Anyway what about that eye-candy friend of yours? What’s his name again?” Becky asked, clicking her fingers.


“Yes, that’s the one. What’s wrong with him? He sure doesn’t look like a loser to me.”

“We’re just friends, have been for 15 years,” Sami sighed. “He’s like my big brother.” She certainly wasn’t about to reveal her true feelings for Daye. She shuddered to think what Becky might do with the information.

“Puhleese!” Becky rolled her eyes.  “Girlfriend, I’ve seen the way you act when you speak to him on the phone and I saw the way he looked at you when he picked you up from work a few weeks ago. And it didn’t look big brotherly to me at all!”

“I have no idea what you are on about. I’ve known Daye for years, we practically grew up together and I can tell you categorically, we are just friends.”

“Hmm! Methinks the lady doth protest too much!”

“Whatever, Becky! Haven’t you got any work to do besides bother me about my love life or lack thereof?”

“I’ll get back to work but let me give you some advice. You better wise up and smell the coffee beans before some discerning woman snatches him from right under your nose. Then your fifteen-odd years of friendship will amount to zilch since she’ll be calling the shots. That’s a keeper you’ve got there, and I would keep him if I were you.”


“I know,” she said, throwing her hands in the air and getting up from the chair she’d been sitting in. “Get back to work! I’m going now. Catch you later.” She winked at Sami and ambled off.

Sami sat back in her chair, staring after Becky as she returned to her office. Could Becky be right? Was it possible that Daye actually felt the same way about her? Her heart leapt at the thought. But then again Becky might be making it all up. She didn’t know Daye. It was possible she’d picked up her feelings for Daye. But to say he felt the same way based on ‘a look’ he supposedly gave her? That was a stretch too far. She would be a fool if she put any stock in Becky’s speculation.

Shaking her head, she inhaled deeply and turned to her computer. No point dwelling on the impossible.


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