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Fond memories

I stumbled across these old adverts that aired on Nigerian TV back in the ‘70s and ‘80s. If you lived in Nigeria in that period, I’m sure these videos will stir up the same nostalgic feelings in you as they did in me.

The ‘Super Visco-Static’ ad at 3:01 in the first video was one of my favourites back then and it still gave me great pleasure watching it again several decades later. It was also quite revolutionary for its time.

I apologise for the poor quality, especially if you haven’t seen these before but I’m sure you’ll still get the general gist of the adverts from what you do manage to see.

Happy viewing!

Do you have links to any of old-time or favourite ads from way back? Please do share.

Thanks for stopping by.


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9 thoughts on “Fond memories

  1. Lucky Akinola on said:

    where did you get these? I could remember all the songs and lyrics … it almost made me cry because gone are the days. Did you see the prices of the items then? How many percent increase in inflation will you reckon that to be. so sad

  2. LOL!!!! Where did you get these from??!!! Been singing through all of them!!!!! Super Visco Static!!!!! Lovely! Now my kids can see the real adverts instead of listening to me sing it to them! Thank You!

  3. This brings so many fond memories! I’m thankful for a happy childhood 🙂 Funny how I remember all the words! What’s sad is that Zebrudaya spoke broken English on purpose- ‘Are have powerful to penetration deep down’. We laughed because he destroyed the English language for fun. These days we don’t laugh as it isn’t done on purpose…
    Thanks for sharing

  4. OMG!!!! I laughed out loud! (LOL just doesn’t cut it for this comment!) These are so cool, cute and best of all bring back fond memories of a delightful childhood! I hope you don’t mind! But I tweeted a friend and I hope she retweets it! So funny, I’m still smiling……

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