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50,144 words in 29 days! I did it!


I did it! I wrote 50,144 words of my novel between the 1st and 29th of November! I’ve just finished and I thought I should let you know.

I’m singing and dancing. I’m grinning stupidly like a cat who got all the cream.

This is by no means an acceptance speech (you know the kind celebrities give when they receive an award) but I want to say a special thank you to a few people who were key in helping complete the challenge.

Mo Cushla, as always, for your tireless support and encouragement.

Kiru, for being a mentor and friend.

Joxy, for your kind words.

Deronk, for checking up on me regularly.

The Romance Writers of West Africa (RWOWA), for being a fantastic support group.

I’m so pleased I did it and finished with a day to spare. It would appear I do have some sitzfleisch after all.

Like I said, I finished and just wanted to share the good news.

Thanks for stopping by and tara for now.


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14 thoughts on “50,144 words in 29 days! I did it!

  1. You did good Nkem, well done!

  2. Clapping, good to hear you DID it. Yipeee. Now can’t wait to read

  3. Congratulations Nkem.

  4. Elishama Richard on said:


  5. Well done dearie :D.

  6. Ta da!!!! Well done! Very appropriate video, by the way!

  7. You know I’m very proud of you. You did it. Come New year we shall celebrate properly. Well done. πŸ™‚

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