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Thank you and a favour, please!

Wow! we’ve come to the end of ‘Omotola’ and what a journey it was!

When I first started posting excerpts, I didn’t plan to post the entire novel. However your feedback was so encouraging, it would have been plain evil of me not to have done.

I’m overwhelmed by how much you liked the story evidenced by your comments. I have taken the criticism and suggestions on board and will try to incorporate them in the rewrite which I really should get started on soon.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone of you who read through the novel even though you were getting it piecemeal. Every time I read one of your comments, I was left with a very warm glow on my insides and a silly grin on my face.

dep_3475594-Thank-you-in-different-languages                 images

I also would like to ask a favour. Remember ‘Omotola’ is the working title and I’m still no nearer to getting a proper title. So I’d like to ask you, since you’ve read the story, what you think is an appropriate title for the story.

You can give as many suggestions as you wish. If I choose your title, you’ll get a £5.00 voucher as a token of my gratitude. So put on your thinking caps and let those titles start to roll in.

Once again, thanks for all your wonderful comments.

Tara for now,


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14 thoughts on “Thank you and a favour, please!

  1. How about…….



  2. Mo'Cushla on said:

    As co-editor, co-author, Wordsmythe cheer leader, I’d like to double the prize, so if ‘we’ choose your title you get a £10.00 amazon voucher.

  3. A Heart of Cole
    Seducing a Cole
    The Cole Hard Truth 🙂
    Taming Omotola

  4. It was a pleasure to read Omotola, and I think we should be thanking you Wordsmythe! I look forward to buying a copy off the bookstands soon! Well done – you are an inspiration!

  5. Still can’t believe this story has ended jo…

  6. Well done, girl!

    How about ‘Loving Omotola’

  7. Well done Nkem. I have just the title….
    ‘The development of an intense relationship between two hearts that never thought they could be tamed until they were subdued by the awesome power of love’.
    I must admit to having my reservations though, I do think that title is rather brief…please let me know if you’d like a fuller, more evocative title. :D.

  8. Sorry dear, tried hard to restrain myself, but just could not resist the urge. I’m with Shade though…’Omotola’!

  9. Wow, what can I say. I loved this story. I always like waiting for a story to be completed so as to fully appreicate it. I believe the appropirate title should be ‘Taming Omotola’ because that’s what Yemi did.

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