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Obituary of a well-loved laptop

Acer Aspire of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom died on Saturday the 14th of April 2012 in her home after a fall which resulted in a short-circuit of her motherboard.

Her exact date of birth is uncertain as she was mass-produced in a factory in Taiwan but she was purchased and became a member of The Wordsmythe’s family in August 2009. She was bought as an early birthday present by Mo Cushla to replace The Wordsmythe’s previous laptop which had also died. However, the ‘dead’ laptop mysteriously came back to life shortly after the purchase of Acer Aspire in what can only be described as ‘The curious resurrection of a dead laptop’ but I digress.


Acer Aspire was an excellent laptop and served her mistress well. It was on her that The Wordsmythe churned out her not-so-regular blog posts as well as her other writing which include two completed fiction manuscripts and countless poems, some short stories and one unfinished manuscript.

She accompanied The Wordsmythe on various trips around the world and worked relentlessly until her death.

She is survived by her distraught owner, The Wordsmythe. Acer Aspire was a registered organ donor so her hard drive will be donated to a matching recipient.

Details of the funeral to be announced shortly. In lieu of flowers and wreaths, donations for a replacement laptop can be made to The Wordsmythe’s foundation.

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16 thoughts on “Obituary of a well-loved laptop

  1. I know I should be consoling you but I’m nearly wetting my self laughing! Lmaoooooooooooooooooo! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing at her ‘obituary’! My laughter is your fault o!

    • SMH! Kemi, with friends like you, who needs enemies?

      • I’m so sorry, so sorry, I can’t just stop laughing! May her soul rest in peace! May such deaths be few and far between! May any manuscripts, stories, poems she may have taken with her to the great beyond visit you in your dreams so you can re-write them for us to read. Abeg what color aso-ebi and gele are taking for the funeral? Are we having laying in state?

      • Kemi, I’m not sure I want you at her funeral. You are too irreverent and she deserves better! 😦

  2. OUCH! That hurt! Okay I’ve stopped laughing and I’m sending you hugOran’s warm thoughts for your loss. I’m now sober. I shall reflect on her life and use it as an inspiration to be a more caring person. I’m I forgiven?

  3. I wrote a long comment on my phone, but it’s not showing here. Too dispirited to type it all out again. RIP Acer.

  4. RIP Acer. Samsung rocks! My laptop has fallen from the kitchen worktop to the floor at least twice, from the bed to the floor on countless occasions, and has had more scrapes and bangs than I can mention. It is very hardy. I’m on my second hard drive, fourth laptop charger, second battery but the old trooper just keeps on going. She turned two in February. This comment is as long as a blog post. Time to retrieve my daughter from the bucket.

  5. thecorporategypsy on said:

    Too funny! Acer Aspire – RIP! You’ll be missed! I agree with Kemi o, what colour aso-ebi are we taking?!

  6. They are silver, we are gold!

  7. ChristineA on said:

    ROTFLOL ! Did you try any form of resuscitation? 100 compressions per minute ? Lol…

  8. Rubin Mcconchie on said:

    I always buy acer laptops since they are more reliable compared to other brands. *”;’,

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