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I’m trapped

Within traditional walls,

Confines of mediocrity

Stifled by complacency

And narrow-minded expectations.

I’m trying,


To throw off the shackles,

Claw my way out

And blaze my own path in life.

I’m seeking

To release my oppressed individuality

Throw off my inhibitions

And birth the greatness

Which lies deep inside.

I’m looking

Hard into myself

To find the boldness

That gives free rein

To creativity.

I’m trusting

God for a breakthrough

Eagerly awaiting illumination

And inspiration

To be and do all that I was created to.


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2 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. Very deep…….

  2. Feeling trapped is an illusion that seemingly robs us of our greatness but it can be as tangible as our very reality, girl, breakthrough is within you and waiting for you to spread those wings and……..exhale! Go!

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