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Who needs enemies when you’ve got a blog?

I’ve been meaning to update my blog but things keep coming up. I start a post and then leave it unfinished. Every time I log on, I can hear it prodding me to update it to make sure its contents are current and fresh. I told you in a previous post that I sometimes carry out conversations with inanimate objects. Click here if you have no clue what I’m on about. Anyway, here’s one such conversation that ensued between me and my blog.

Blog: So when are you going to update me?


Me: I don’t know. I’m trying but most of the posts I’ve started to write recently are simply inchoate and–

Blog: Inko-what? What does that even mean?

Me: Sigh! It means not fully formed or developed.

Blog: Why didn’t you just say that then?

Me: I did. It’s not my fault your vocabulary is so limited.

Blog: (Rolls eyes) Whatever!

Me: Oh please, don’t be so juvenile! Sigh! It’s just that I’m struggling to write anything that makes sense at the moment.

Blog: Mschew! Like that has ever stopped you in the past!

Me: I beg your pardon! What are you trying to say?

Blog: I’m not trying to say anything. The archives speak for themselves.

Me: Wow! Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Blog: All I’m saying is you should stop making excuses and just get on with it.

Me: I would get on with it if you would just stop with the nattering.

Me: So, have you got any suggestions on stuff I could write about?

Blog: Silence

Me: Hey, I’m talking to you! What’s the matter with you?

Blog: (shrugs shoulders and says nothing)

Me: Did you hear me? I asked what you think I should write about.

Blog: Hey, you don’t need to shout! I can hear you perfectly well.

Me: Then why didn’t you say anything?

Blog: Because you told me to shut up.

Me: I didn’t tell you to sh…oh, I give up! Honestly!

And so our argument dialogue goes on. Hopefully I will put a fully formed and developed blog post up shortly.

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7 thoughts on “Who needs enemies when you’ve got a blog?

  1. Why is your blog sounding like me? I will sue oh! But I ma wait till the proceeds of your book are in before I make claims,who wants kobo kobo? Thanks for brightening my day!

  2. Me love this conversation o. Cracked me up.
    Glad am not the only one who has such conversations with inanimate objects. Hehehehe.

  3. LOL. I think I have that same conversation with my blog.

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