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Two hearts that beat as one

Dear Mo Cushla,

I can hardly believe today marks the 8th anniversary of the day we vowed, in front of family and friends “to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.”

Thank you for not only keeping those vows but for going over and above them. You make my life a joy and I’m so glad I get to spend each day with you. Thank you for being such a delightful companion on my life’s journey.

Thank you for our handsome boys who are part you, part me yet very much themselves. I am so blessed to have you three in my life. I wouldn’t change a thing if I had to do it all over again.

Here’s to many more years of life, love, laughter and friendship.

Happy anniversary. May our love continue to grow stronger and our bond, deeper. I love you.

Endless love–Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross


I Still–Faith Evans


I love you just because–Anita Baker


Anita Baker’s Men in my life


Improving on the silence

A Spanish proverb I love says “Don’t speak unless you can improve on the silence.” That’s my excuse for not writing a post for just over two weeks. I had nothing to say, so I said it. Now that I can improve on the silence, I’m speaking.

And it’s good news too! I’ve got a publishing contract! Yay! It’s for my romantic novella titled ‘Closer than a brother’.

It still seems a little surreal. This is something I’ve dreamt of for so long, now it’s finally happening, I’m walking around in a daze.  Reminds me of a Scripture from Psalms 126:1 “When the Lord turned around the captivity of Israel, we were as them that dreamed.”

I completed the manuscript last June and after letting a few people read it, just left it alone. I started to write another one in November, you might remember I blogged about it a few times and even serialised it on here.

I finally decided to do something with the first one in June this year. I was tired of replying “soon” every time I’m asked when my book would be published. With the help of an already published friend, I chose some publishers whose submission guidelines I felt my manuscript met, and after agonising over writing a synopsis and query letters, sent it off to them.

Within a couple of days, I received acknowledgements of receipt from all but one of them. They mostly thanked me for submitting to them and said to expect a decision within 6 – 8 weeks.

To my surprise, I got a reply from one of them a week after, saying they loved the manuscript, it is “a page-turner” Open-mouthed smileand they would love to publish it subject to some changes. I was over the moon but I decided to wait to hear from the others.

Two weeks later, I got a rejection email from another publisher. Though it was a no, the email was very positive and pointed out things I could do to make the story better and wished me every success in the future. I was disappointed but not overly so, the first email had given me the confidence that my work was publish-worthy.

A week after the rejection, I got an email from another publisher saying they would like to offer me a contract for the manuscript. Wow! I was blown away. After reading through the contract and also having a lawyer friend interpret the small print, I decided to go for it. Publication date is March 8th 2013.

In the meantime, my editor (oooh, sounds so nice to be able to say that Smile) will be working me on edits and all the stuff editors do. We’ve just completed the first round of edits.

I shall keep you posted on the progress of things but thought it only fair to let you, my extremely loyal and supportive readers, know about this wonderful development.

Have you any news to share? I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for stopping by.

These are a few of my favourite words (2)

In a previous post, I shared some of my favourite words and promised to share some more in another. Well, here it is.

  1. Epiphany –  a noun, meaning a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something. I love the cadence of this word. It floats off your tongue and I can almost see the proverbial light bulb coming on as it does.
  2. Superfluous – an adjective, meaning being beyond what is required or sufficient, surplus to requirement. You can almost tell what this word means from the way it sounds.
  3. Pontificate – a verb, meaning to express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way. To me, this word sounds stiff and unyielding, just like its meaning.
  4. Acerbic – an adjective, meaning sharp or biting, as in character or expression. Again, this word sounds likes its meaning.
  5. Effervescent – an adjective meaning one who is vivacious and enthusiastic. I love that this word describes me to a ‘t’, (at least, I like to think so Winking smile).
  6. Lackadaisical – an adjective, meaning lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy. The word, and the context in which it is usually used, gives the meaning away.
  7. Verve – a noun, meaning vigour and spirit or enthusiasm. This word sounds to me like the revving of a high-powered car engine. It’s just raring to go.
  8. Annihilate – a verb, meaning to destroy completely, to reduce to nonexistence. Such a powerful visual this word paints for me, it’s similar in meaning to decimate and obliterate and they all end in the letters ‘-ate’.
  9. Alas – an interjection, used to express sorrow, regret, grief, compassion, or apprehension of danger or evil. It’s an old English word and I just love it for its quaintness.
  10.  Surreptitious – an adjective, meaning acting with or marked by stealth. Every time I hear this word, I can’t help but visualise a sneaky person tiptoeing along, their eyes darting around their in their sockets shiftily as they look around. It makes me laugh Open-mouthed smile

These are just a few more of words I like for different reasons. Do please share yours.

Tara for now.

And the winner is…

Between last December and this February, I serialised my manuscript with the working title ‘Omotola’ on here. At the end of it, I asked for suggestions for a title for the book in this post. A few of you very kindly came up with some lovely (and some downright outrageous) titles and for this, I thank you. However, one suggestion caught my attention and even though it came up a few times, the prize goes to the first person who offered it.

Empi Baryeh wins the £10.00 amazon gift card for her ‘Taming Omotola’. Empi, your gift card has already been emailed to you. 

Thank you to everyone who pitched in. You’re the best.

Tara for now.

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