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These are a few of my favourite words (2)

In a previous post, I shared some of my favourite words and promised to share some more in another. Well, here it is.

  1. Epiphany –  a noun, meaning a sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something. I love the cadence of this word. It floats off your tongue and I can almost see the proverbial light bulb coming on as it does.
  2. Superfluous – an adjective, meaning being beyond what is required or sufficient, surplus to requirement. You can almost tell what this word means from the way it sounds.
  3. Pontificate – a verb, meaning to express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way. To me, this word sounds stiff and unyielding, just like its meaning.
  4. Acerbic – an adjective, meaning sharp or biting, as in character or expression. Again, this word sounds likes its meaning.
  5. Effervescent – an adjective meaning one who is vivacious and enthusiastic. I love that this word describes me to a ‘t’, (at least, I like to think so Winking smile).
  6. Lackadaisical – an adjective, meaning lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy. The word, and the context in which it is usually used, gives the meaning away.
  7. Verve – a noun, meaning vigour and spirit or enthusiasm. This word sounds to me like the revving of a high-powered car engine. It’s just raring to go.
  8. Annihilate – a verb, meaning to destroy completely, to reduce to nonexistence. Such a powerful visual this word paints for me, it’s similar in meaning to decimate and obliterate and they all end in the letters ‘-ate’.
  9. Alas – an interjection, used to express sorrow, regret, grief, compassion, or apprehension of danger or evil. It’s an old English word and I just love it for its quaintness.
  10.  Surreptitious – an adjective, meaning acting with or marked by stealth. Every time I hear this word, I can’t help but visualise a sneaky person tiptoeing along, their eyes darting around their in their sockets shiftily as they look around. It makes me laugh Open-mouthed smile

These are just a few more of words I like for different reasons. Do please share yours.

Tara for now.


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5 thoughts on “These are a few of my favourite words (2)

  1. Thanks for a new list of new words, will be dropping them everywhere……My latest fave has to be adjudicate….my friend (Google) tells me it means to make a formal judgement or decision about a problem or dispute, I love the way it sounds especially when used by one of y’all English-speaking folks….

  2. I love this font, and this post too. I am acerbically effervescent. When vexed, it is my aim to annihilate with verve in writing. I tend to restrain my self a bit more when it’s verbal. Ah, you want my favourite word abi? Asymptote! I remain in blissful ignorance as to what it means.

  3. Some of my favourite words:
    – ARRANT; Complete or utter
    – GARRULOUS: Excessively talkative
    – LOQUACIOUS: Same as above
    – BOMBASTIC: high sounding

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