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Mal de debarquement

I just got back from a holiday with some friends from secondary school, a mini-reunion. We had so much fun. We reminisced about our school days, dredging up memories long forgotten, each of us recalling something the others didn’t. We laughed till tears ran down our faces, fits of laugher rendering us immobile and even knocking one of us to the floor in a hotel lobby!

We spent a few days in Orlando, Florida then went on a cruise to the Bahamas. We toured Nassau and New Providence with an extremely friendly and knowledgeable tour guide who regaled us with tales of the rich history of the Bahamas. It was such a fantastic experience and I hope to do it all again. P1010985

Shortly after we got off the ship, I felt like I was still at sea. I could actually feel the rocking and rolling even though I was standing on solid ground and I felt a bit woozy too. I thought I might be imagining things so I asked my friends and one of them said she felt exactly the same.

I vaguely remembered that I’d heard of a similar condition which afflicts sailors so I called on the services of my trusty friend, Google. That’s where I happened upon the term ‘mal de debarquement’ meaning disembarkment illness.

According to wiki, it is also known as disembarkment syndrome and “is a rare condition usually occurring after a cruise, aircraft flight, or other sustained motion event.” Symptoms include “a persistent sensation of motion usually described as rocking, swaying, or bobbing; difficulty maintaining balance; extreme fatigue; and difficulty concentrating (“brain fog”). Other common symptoms include dizziness, visual disturbances (such as seeing motion, inability to focus etc.), headaches and/or migraine headaches, confusion, and anxiety. Many patients also describe ear symptoms such as hyperacusis, tinnitus, “fullness”, pain, or even decreased hearing. Cognitive impairment (“brain fog”) includes an inability to recall words, short term memory loss, and an inability to multi-task.”

I’m very pleased to say that my symptoms were just those I mentioned earlier and they stopped after two days, that is, until desynchronosis aka jet lag set in Sad smile

Anyway, I’m pretty much back to normal now. Thank you for asking. And being the kind, generous soul that I am, I would like you to share in some of my experiences of the trip. Vicariously Open-mouthed smile Here are some photos, enjoy!

IMG-20121001-01259          IMG-20121002-01266

Views of the resort by night and day.

IMG-20121004-01318   IMG-20121004-01319

Menchies at The Loop mall, sells the most delicious frozen yogurt. I made a few visits Open-mouthed smile


P1010964     P1010976

Fantastic Cirque du Soleil show, La Nouba, with a delightful cast and a view of the ship as we approached Port Carnaveral.

P1020003    P1020082

The view from my balcony. And land ahoy! The Bahamian coast with The Lighthouse and The Atlantis in the background.


P1020098      P1020111  P1020123    P1020112

P1020133        P1020108  P1020160


The last group of photos are of some of the sights of the Bahamas including Fort Fincastle, the highest point of New Providence island and The Queen’s Staircase named after Queen Elizabeth II. The last one is a sign we spotted on a wall and asked the driver to double back so we could take pictures of it. I think it’s hilarious!

Hope you’ve enjoyed the photographs. Thanks for stopping by.


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10 thoughts on “Mal de debarquement

  1. ChristineA on said:

    Welcome back, Nkem. Nice photos.

  2. Welcome back!. Good you had fun. 🙂

  3. jealous of u right now, pics look fab!!!. i’m sure u all had a blast. welcome back anyway (said in a sour voice), lol.

  4. Kemi took the words right out of my mouth!

  5. CityDiva on said:

    Makes me wonna visit the Bahamas even more now……………… its on my list. Glad you had loadsa fun 🙂

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