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Dancing queen

I love to dance and I’m a good dancer, even if I say so myself. It’s against my ‘religion’ to let good music go to waste. I firmly believe that it should, where possible, be accompanied by highly energetic gyrations in time to its beat. I relish every chance I get to express this part of my personality. I can usually be found bopping to music in my seat at sit-down events or while driving and always welcome a chance to don my dancing shoes and boogie down.

Now I accept that there are different kinds of music and some are not for dancing to but it is not to those kinds that I make reference. I am talking about the kind to which you instinctively find yourself tapping your feet or drumming your fingers; the kind that makes you nod your head and hum or sing along irrespective of whether you know the words properly or if you have the kind of voice that’s best suited to an audience of one – yourself; the kind that convinces you that you’re a great dancer even if your best moves closely resemble the dying throes of a decapitated chicken, complete with flailing limbs.

This love for dancing runs in the family. I have vivid memories of sneaking out of bed as a very young child and peeping through the banisters at the grown-ups dancing at my parents’ numerous dinner parties; memories of my dad playing his LP records while he, mum and my four sisters and I all danced along in our living room. My sisters and I are usually the ‘last man standing’ on the dance floor. It would appear that my boys have also inherited this trait though so far their moves are proving somewhat lacking in rhythm. However, I live in hope that they will come into their own as they grow older and not let the maternal side down.

While dancing is something I enjoy, regretfully, I don’t do it as often as I would like. Something which I do do regularly is work out.  It isn’t necessarily something I enjoy but I keep at it in a bid to keep fit and lose some weight.  Anyway, I found a way to combine something I love with something I don’t really like – Zumba® which involves dance and aerobic movements choreographed to hip-hop, salsa and a variety of music. I love Zumba®. A whole of hour of twisting and twirling, hopping and bopping, the upbeat music, ahh, bliss!

I sustained a knee injury earlier in the year so had to stay away from anything that could potentially cause it more damage, sadly this included Zumba®. I still worked out at the gym but I would gaze longingly at the dance studio every time a class was taking place. I missed it so much, I decided to try it out again with the mind to leave if I so much as felt a twinge in my knee.

I signed up for a class last Monday. The regular dance instructor was ill so a replacement was called in. She introduced herself and encouraged us to have fun. She was really good and her energy and enthusiasm were infectious. About halfway through the class,  the familiar strains of the intro to Dbanj’s Oliver Twist filtered through the loud speakers in the dance studio. You can’t even begin to imagine my surprise and joy! I started oohing and singing along to the song and then proceeded to start dancing even before the instructor had a chance to show us the steps.

I had a really good time, even my ailing knee co-operated fully by not hurting. I’m so happy. I can now get my fix of dancing at least once a week while getting fit in the process. What more could a girl ask for? Well, I could ask for a lot more but that’s a post for another day.

Until then, enjoy the song that got me shimmying and shaking my bum on Monday, Dbanj’s award-winning song, ‘Oliver Twist’ (‘Oh-lee-vah Tweest’ according to EDU Open-mouthed smile).

Do you enjoy dancing? Are you a good dancer?

Thanks for stopping by.


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7 thoughts on “Dancing queen

  1. I love dancing. Unfortunately, I lack coordination. I am the headless chicken flailing, but I don’t let that deter me. I console myself with the fact that my girls are even worse dancers, if such a thing is possible! I love watching good dancers, I sit back and marvel in silence. Some songs I really like, i cram a dance. Woe betide me if the DJ decides to remix it whilst I am in the middle of my rehearsed routine. But still I dance.

  2. Sadly, I can’t dance to save my life. I only dance when everyone around me is drunk. I am not sure dancing classes can help my situation. Rather hopeless I think. I have been told I dance like a mid-western white American farmer. I dont know what that means

  3. CityDiva on said:

    ‘mid-western white american farmer’ ROTFL 🙂 🙂 I am not a ‘wordsmythe level’ dancer either. But definitely better than a mid west farmer 🙂

  4. Uhmmmmm, some of us can’t dance to save our lives o… I think a mid western white american farmer is better than I am sef

  5. love to dance but not necessarily great at it. the video is great. love the music. tks

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