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50,144 words in 29 days! I did it!


I did it! I wrote 50,144 words of my novel between the 1st and 29th of November! I’ve just finished and I thought I should let you know.

I’m singing and dancing. I’m grinning stupidly like a cat who got all the cream.

This is by no means an acceptance speech (you know the kind celebrities give when they receive an award) but I want to say a special thank you to a few people who were key in helping complete the challenge.

Mo Cushla, as always, for your tireless support and encouragement.

Kiru, for being a mentor and friend.

Joxy, for your kind words.

Deronk, for checking up on me regularly.

The Romance Writers of West Africa (RWOWA), for being a fantastic support group.

I’m so pleased I did it and finished with a day to spare. It would appear I do have some sitzfleisch after all.

Like I said, I finished and just wanted to share the good news.

Thanks for stopping by and tara for now.


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