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In perspective

I wrote this poem in honour of all the teenage girls sold and trafficked into sexual slavery.  May those who work tirelessly via different agencies to free them and end this horrific act be blessed immeasurably. As for the perpetrators of this crime, I leave you in the hands of the Almighty God.

You look at everything and everyone with disdain.

Your words are filled with contempt

I am looked upon with disdain

I am the object of men’s contempt



For you, life is one big experiment.

You take everything for granted

The world is your oyster

For you, the sky is the limit



I am the experiment

Men take me for granted.

My world is but a small oyster.

I hardly ever get to see the sky.



You have no cares or responsibilities

Life is yours for the taking

The money you spend on trivialities in a night

Is more than enough to secure my freedom for life



My skin bears the tell-tale signs

Of whipping and scourging so sore

My sole purpose in life is to please

Men, who, for me, have no regard



Your mother complains every time she tidies up after you

But it’s really just a humble brag

She’s thankful for the opportunity to look after you

And proud to call you her own



My step-mother sold me into slavery

My mother died when I was a baby

She was glad to get rid of me in order to save her children

For the price I fetched fed my family for a week



Your laughter rings out, unrestrained and loud

Your friends are numerous and proud

Your opportunities are limitless

Your problem is too much choice



I have no reason to laugh or smile

No friends to call my own

Cruelty is my constant companion

My problem is I am trapped.



So the next time you decide to complain

About the unfairness of your life

Because you were not allowed out to that party

Or couldn’t buy that outfit or latest gadget



And whenever you are tempted to reject a home cooked meal

In favour of eating out instead

Or complain your bedroom’s too small

For your countless clothes and shoes



Remember me and be thankful

Your life is full and bountiful

Count your blessings and be grateful

That unlike me, you are no one’s fool.



Appreciate your friends and family

Be content with your lot

What I wouldn’t give to be in your shoes

Instead of a teenage sex slave.


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